TDOT Commissioner Says Nashville Transit Plan Would Have Helped No One

John Schroer

TDOT’s leader said Nashville’s transit plan failed at the ballot box because it “had no bearing on regional traffic” and would not help anyone, the Nashville Business Journal reports. John Schroer made the comments at a town hall meeting last week at Williamson Inc., the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce.…

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Regional Group That Backed Failed Nashville Transit Plan Names State Rep. Susan Lynn ‘Legislator of the Year’

Susan Lynn

A Middle Tennessee mayors association that pushed for Nashville’s failed $9 billion transit plan has handed out an award to State Rep. Susan Lynn (R-Mt. Juliet) as state legislator of the year. Voters in Nashville/Davidson County resoundingly rejected the transit plan by a 64 percent to 36 percent margin in…

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Nashville/Davidson County Voters Deliver Crushing Defeat to Transit Plan, 64% to 36%

NASHVILLE, Tennessee–Voters in Nashville/Davidson County delivered a crushing defeat to the $9.2 billion transit plan proposed by disgraced former Mayor Megan Barry and supported by Acting Mayor David Briley, 64 percent to 36 percent on Tuesday. A record turnout of 122,477 voters cast their ballots, with 100 percent of all…

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Pro-Transit Group Concedes! Opposition to Nashville Transit Plan Leads By 2 to 1 After Early Votes Reported

UPDATE: 9:15 pm Candidate Party Votes Percentage ★ Against 56,016 65% For 30,343 35% Total 86,359 8:45 pm NASHVILLE, Tennessee–“Tonight is a great victory for all of Nashville. A $9 billion transit boondoogle that benefited developers, construction companies, and engineering firms, and left the little guy out to dry has…

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Acting Mayor David Briley Stumbles in Last Minute Defense of Nashville Transit Plan at Public Meeting in Bellevue

Acting Mayor David Briley demonstrated that he is not ready for prime time when he repeatedly stumbled Monday night in his responses to questions about the Nashville Transit Plan to a large group of voters in Bellevue. The 90 minute meeting was intended to be a last minute pro-transit pep…

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Final Push Begins to Defeat $9 Billion Nashville Transit Plan as Voters Go to the Polls Today

skeptical transit plan man

NoTax4Tracks, a PAC that seeks alternatives to Metro Nashville’s $9 billion light rail plan, is making a final push to defeat the measure on today’s ballot. “From the beginning we knew that this transit plan had problems. We’ve been around government long enough to know that when you hide the price…

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