Ohio to Invest $5 Million in Maternal Infant Health

Through a program including physicians and community partners, Ohio Medicaid plans to invest $5 million over the course of the coming year in an effort to improve the general well-being of mothers, newborns, and families.

Governor Mike DeWine stated in a news release that the goal of the community-based statewide program is to establish a framework for providers and community partners to collaborate on the development of a person-centered, customized intervention to support women and families who traditionally lack access to high-quality care before and after pregnancy.

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Audit Reveals Ohio Paid $118 Million in Unapproved Medicaid Payments to Prisoners, Dead People

Ohio Auditor Keith Faber released a report on Thursday, detailing that the state dished out approximately $118 million in unapproved payments to prisoners in the state and deceased individuals.

Over a three-year period, $101 million was sent to incarcerated individuals in Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction facilities.

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Ohio Appeals Biden Administration’s Nixing Work, Training Requirement to Receive Medicaid

Unemployment line

The State of Ohio has asked the Biden Administration to reconsider its Aug. 10 squelching of an Ohio Medicaid pilot program designed to encourage Medicaid recipients to work or receive job training in order to keep their government-funded healthcare.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  (CMS)((cq)) on Aug. 10 withdrew its earlier approval for the demonstration program first approved under the administation of President Donald Trump that would have allowe the Ohio Department of Medicaid to require recipients ages 19 to 50 to either find work, join a job-training program, or find other “community engagement such as volunteering for at least 80 hours per month to remain covered.

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Feds Nix Ohio Plan to Tying Expanded Medicare Benefits to Work, Training, ‘Engagement’

Inside DMV, people standing in line

  The Biden administration has squelched a fledgling Ohio program requiring those in their prime working years receiving Medicaid health coverage to get a job to remain covered. Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, administrator of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMMS), on Wednesday withdrew approval…

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Ohio Reaches Record Settlement with Publicly Traded Pharmaceutical Company for Alleged Overpayment of Services

Dave Yost

Centene Corp (CC) reached a record settlement agreement Monday with Ohio for its alleged overbilling of the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) for its pharmaceutical services.

America’s largest Medicaid managed care organization agreed to pay $88.3 million to Ohio after Dave Yost, the state’s attorney general, filed a lawsuit in March, according to a Yost press release.

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Pediatric Caregivers of Disabled Children Call Out Former Ohio Governor John Kasich’s ‘Unspeakable Disgrace’ Hypocrisy

  Former Ohio Governor John Kasich is calling the treatment of illegal immigrant children at the border “an unspeakable disgrace.” In his recent CNN opinion piece, he calls the situation “America’s war on children” and demands that it be stopped. “Most of all, the President of the United States has…

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