Report Says Ohio Unemployment Trend Doesn’t Follow COVID-19 Restrictions

Ohio bucked the trend shown in a new report that compared state’s COVID-19 restrictions and unemployment rate.

Ohio ranked 16th in the nation for fewest restrictions but ranked 39th in unemployment ranking, according updated rankings released Tuesday by WalletHub, a personal-finance website. Not surprisingly, states with the fewest COVID-19 restrictions had lower unemployment rates than states with more.

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Ohio Sees Unemployment Rate Drop in July

Ohio’s unemployment rate for July dropped to 8.9 percent, down from the revised June rate of 11 percent, according to new data from the state.

In a clear sign of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the state’s economy, the unemployment rate in July is up from 4.2 percent in July 2019, state numbers show.

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Ohio Unemployment Drops by Nearly 60,000 from Prior Week

New unemployment claims in Ohio dropped last week by 5,963 from the prior week. For the week ending Aug. 8, 20,090 new unemployment claims were registered, compared to 26,053 new claims the week ending Aug. 1.

More Ohio workers also are dropping off the unemployment rolls overall. Advance unemployment claims for the week ending Aug. 8 stood at 350,702, which is a drop of 58,621 claims from the prior week’s 409,323 claims.

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Ohio Unemployment Drops 47,000 to Fall Beneath 480,000

New unemployment claims in Ohio reported for the week ending August 1 continue to dip slightly under the previous week’s numbers.

According to data compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor, Ohio registered 25,279 new unemployment claims for the week ending August 1, a drop of 2,754 new claims for the week ending July 25, during which the state added 28,033 new claims.

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Ohio Unemployment Fell Slightly Last Week, Still Hovers Above 400,000 Claims

Although new claims dropped slightly from the previous week, Ohio’s unemployment remains above 400,000.

New claims fell by 2,910 during the last full week of July, from 30,325 to 27,415. The total number of claims dropped 28,160 in the time period between July 11 and July 18.

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Ohio Unemployment in June Falls 23,000 from Prior Week

Ohio unemployment climbed by more than 35,000 new claims last week, bringing the state’s total number of unemployment claims to 410,784.

The week-over-week unemployment tally in Ohio rose by 1,024 new claims in the week ending July 4 to 35,854 new claims in the week ending July 11, according to U.S. Department of Labor data.

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Ohio’s New Unemployment Numbers Continue Slight Decline

New unemployment claims dropped slightly in Ohio last week, a trend also reflected in national numbers reported by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The week-over-week numbers reported for Ohio the week ending July 4 show 33,176 new initial claims, a decrease of 2,732 initial unemployment claims from the previous week’s 35,908 new claims.

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Adding Another 35,000 Claims Last Week, Ohio Unemployment Remains Above 425,000

Despite more than 35,000 new unemployment claims in Ohio last week, the total number of people receiving unemployment benefits dropped.

According to U.S. Department of Labor data, Ohio added 35,206 new unemployment claims in the week ending June 27. That’s 280 more than the previous week’s 34,926 new claims and brings the total number of unemployment claims in the state to 426,452, down 39,820 from the previous week’s 466,363 total number.

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Ohio Unemployment Claims Drop 10 Percent from Prior Week

As the nation emerges from lockdowns imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, new unemployment claims continue to decline.

The number of Ohio residents receiving unemployment checks decreased by 48,753 claims between the weeks ending June 13 and June 7. Advance claims for the week ending June 20 were 444,205 claims, compared to 492,958 claims the week ending June 13.

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Ohio’s May Unemployment Rate Stands at 13.7 Percent

The Ohio Department of Family Jobs and Services released numbers Friday that showed Ohio’s unemployment rate in May at 13.7 percent.

Ohio’s unemployment rate is trending in a downward direction as the state’s unemployment rate went down almost four percentage points from April to May.  As the unemployment rate continued to go down, the Buckeye State had 211,000 unemployed workers go back to work in May.

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Ohio Unemployment Claims Continue Upward Trend

More than 35,474 Ohio workers joined the ranks of the unemployed in the week ending June 6, bringing the total number of state residents filing unemployment claims to 546,854 since restrictions were put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Week-over-week, Ohio witnessed an increase of nearly 400 new claims from the prior week, during which 35,078 new claims were reported.

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Ohio Unemployment Claims Fell Below 40,000 Last Week

For the first time since mid-March, the number of Ohioans filing jobless claims has gone under 40,000, the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) numbers showed.

For the week ending on May 30, more than 34,000 people asked the government for assistance. This marks the sixth consecutive week that unemployment claims have been under 100,000. Also, this is the ninth consecutive week that unemployment claims have gone down.

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Ohio Has Seen More Unemployment Claims During the Coronavirus Pandemic Than It Did for the Previous Three Years

Ohio saw more than 42,000 people file for unemployment benefits last week, according to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS).

This marks the second straight week Ohio has received less than 50,000 unemployment claims.

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Ohio Sees Slight Decrease in Unemployment Numbers, More Than 1.2 Million People Have Filed Claims Over the Last Nine Weeks

  Ohio saw more than 46,000 people file for unemployment benefits last week, according to numbers released by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). This marks the first time Ohio’s unemployment weekly claims have been under 50,000 when the coronavirus hit the state two months ago, and…

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Ohio Unemployment Numbers Continue to Fall as Economy Opens Up

Ohio received a little over 51,000 unemployment claims last week, according to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS).

This marks the third consecutive week that unemployment claims have been less than 100,000. Furthermore, the number of jobless claims people have filed has reduced over 40,000 claims in the last two weeks.

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More Than One Million Ohioans Have Asked for Government Assistance Over the Last Six Weeks

Another 92,920 Ohioans filed for unemployment benefits last week, which means that 1,075,486 Ohioans have filed for unemployment benefits during the last six weeks, according to the Associated Press.

Nationally, 3.8 million people asked for government assistance last week. This means that America has seen 30.3 million people jobless claims over the last six weeks.

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Senate Democrats Propose Criteria for Reopening Ohio Economy

As Ohio works to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic starting May 1, Senate Democrats are urging Gov. Mike DeWine to ensure the state is prepared.

Specifically, they want the governor to require the use of masks in public and to guarantee Ohio has an adequate supply of sanitation items and personal protective equipment (PPE). They also want clear and publicized guidelines for businesses, protections for whistleblowers, child care accommodations for employees who need it and continued teleworking for employees who can or who are in high-risk categories.

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Another 108,801 People File for Unemployment Claims in Ohio, Many Residents Still Waiting on Unemployment Checks

Ohio saw another 108,801 people file for unemployment claims last week, according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).

Nationally, America saw 4.4 million people file for unemployment benefits as people continue to lose jobs due to state lockdown orders, the Department of Labor numbers show.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreck havoc on Ohio’s economy as 964,566 Ohioans have asked for government assistance over the last five weeks. During this same time period, more than 26 million people have filed for unemployment assistance, according to PBS.

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Rising Wages, Job Growth Cited as Reasons to Expect Brisk Holiday Retail Sales in Ohio

Ohio shoppers are expected to increase holiday spending by 3.2 percent more than last year, as consumer confidence continues to soar, according to a forecast by University of Cincinnati economists. Jobs, wages, housing prices and other key indicators are all on the uptick, forecasters said. They project retail spending to…

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Sen. Rob Portman Credits Jim Renacci for Helping Spur Long-Overdue Worker Wage Increases

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) wants Ohio voters to know that regardless of what his colleague in the U.S. Senate says, it’s not just the rich who are benefiting from President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Stumping Sunday for fellow Republican Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH-16), who is seeking to replace…

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Ohio Republicans Cheer ‘Great News’ of 250,000 New Jobs in October

Ohio Republicans are celebrating an October jobs report that could not have come at a better time for the GOP’s state and federal candidates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday, just four days before the midterms, that U.S. businesses created 250,000 new jobs last month, which is 50,000 to 60,000…

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Ohio Shows Biggest Year-Over-Year Jobs Increase in Two Decades

If the old adage remains true that Americans vote according to pocketbook issues and that, as an aide to former President Bill Clinton once said, it’s “the economy, stupid” that gets voters’ attention, then Ohio should experience another red wave in the Nov. 6 midterm elections. Ohio and Pennsylvania –…

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‘Hot As a Pistol’ Steel Industry Driving Economic Growth in Ohio

Donald Trump

One of the highlights of President Trump’s Make America Great Again rally in Lebanon, Ohio, Friday night was the news on jobs, and particularly manufacturing jobs. For a rust-belt state like Ohio, the Trump administration’s two-year focus on fair trade and deregulation has helped both the steel and coal industries.…

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