Ohio Governor DeWine Declares August 9 ‘Dolly Parton Day’

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed a proclamation declaring August 9 as honorary “Dolly Parton Day” to commemorate the success of Parton’s Imagination Library of Ohio.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Ohio mails kids one book each month until their fifth birthday, 60 books. All kids in Ohio are eligible, and this program is available at no cost to families.

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Ohio’s Capital Budget Riddled with Incentives, Pork Projects

Working late into the night this week, the Ohio General Assembly passed its traditional capital budget, spending billions on statewide initiatives, business and industry incentives and pet projects for lawmakers.

House Bill 687 included money for state parks and the incentives for Intel’s planned $20 billion investment in two chip-making plants in central Ohio. Gov. Mike DeWine called the bill an historic investment.

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Ohio Legislature Approves Plan to Spend More Than $4 Billion in Federal COVID Relief

The Ohio General Assembly has given the go-ahead to spend more than $4 billion of federal COVID-19 relief money despite calls from Democrats for Gov. Mike DeWine to veto parts of the plan.

DeWine praised the passage of House Bill 169, calling the funds critical to the state’s ongoing recovery from the pandemic.

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Ohio Legislature Looks to Expand Telehealth Services

The Ohio General Assembly moved closer to permanently expanding access to telehealth for Ohioans after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the option nearly two years ago.

The Ohio House is expected to concur with House Bill 122, which passed the Senate on Wednesday, creating policies that policy groups and health care associations have pushed for since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Ohio Businesses in Line for Easier City Income Tax Filing Process

Bill Roemer

Filing municipal income taxes for businesses might get a little easier if a bill passed unanimously by the Ohio General Assembly gets Gov. Mike DeWine’s signature.

State Rep. Bill Roemer, R-Richfield, said House Bill 228 will reduce unnecessary state and municipality paperwork for Ohio businesses and simplify the tax filing process.

“The way we currently file municipal net profits taxes in Ohio places an unneeded burden on business owners,” Roemer said. “The last thing businesses need is another hoop to jump through. This bill streamlines the filing process so business owners can get back to creating jobs and contributing to their communities. I am very pleased that both the House and Senate have unanimously agreed to send this bill to Governor DeWine.”

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Critical Race Theory Debate Heating Up in Ohio General Assembly

Ohio State House

School districts, teachers unions, student groups and parents lined up at the Ohio House to testify against two bills that would stop schools from teaching what sponsors called “divisive concepts” in the classroom.

The House State and Local Government Committee heard more than three hours of testimony Wednesday during the third hearing for both House Bill 322 and House Bill 327. Each prohibits teaching concepts that are part of the nationwide critical race theory movement critics say purports the U.S. is a fundamentally racist country.

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Ohio Gov. DeWine Says He Would Mandate Masks in Schools, Lawmakers Won’t Let Him

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said he wants to impose a new mask mandate but feared a fight with the General Assembly after legislation that limited his authority to enact public health orders became law.

DeWine spoke Tuesday about the growing number of COVID-19 cases throughout the state at the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association. That group, made up of the six children’s hospitals, has spent the past two weeks pleading for vaccines and masks in schools.

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Drive to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in Ohio Begins as Ballot Panel Approves Petition

The Ohio Ballot Board has approved an initiative petition drive seeking to legalize marijuana for adults 21 years old and older, clearing the way for supporters to collect signatures for presentation to the Ohio General Assembly later this year.

The five-member panel certified the proposed “Act to Control and Regulate Adult-Use Cannabis” in a 5-0 votes as meeting the one-law standard for proposed ballot measures.

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Vaccine Protests Begin in Ohio as House Bill 248 Gets Testimony, ‘Pause’

  COLUMBUS, Ohio – About 400 or more protesters lined the Third Street stretch of Capitol Square downtown Tuesday morning as a Ohio House of Representatives committee prepared to hear more testimony on the proposed Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act that seeks to ban businesses from mandating workers to get…

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DeWine Stresses Vaccine, Informed Choice v. COVID-19 Strain Even as Some Businesses Press Masks, Social Distancing

Gov. Mike DeWine and vaccines

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) has stepped up his calls for unvaccinated Ohioans to get a COVID-19 shot amid the rising threat presented by the Delta strain that has quickly spread throughout the state since May.

He said individuals must decide for themselves what precautions to take given what he said is the growing danger Delta presents.

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Ohio Legislation Seeks to Change Local Income Tax Structure

Legislation in the Ohio General Assembly seeks to change the state’s 60-year-old income tax structure that allows municipalities to tax workers even if they don’t physically work in the city taxing them.

The bill, HB 754 and its companion SB 352, would modify income tax withholding rules for COVID-19-related work-from-home employees, taxing those Ohio workers where they live, rather than where they work.

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Ohio House Dems Call for Additional Security After Threats on Black Lawmakers

Ohio House Democrats called on Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford) to publicly condemn the threats of violence made against their leader and provide “additional security measures” for lawmakers.

“As Speaker and in recognition of your leadership role in the Ohio House of Representatives, you are granted additional security while in the statehouse,” House Democrats said in a letter to Householder last week.

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Dark Money Group Promoting DeWine’s Gun Control Platform Has Connections to Governor

A recent report found that a dark money group promoting Gov. Mike DeWine’s gun control platform has connections to the governor himself.

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Cleveland City Council Adopts Resolution in Support of Background Checks Ballot Initiative

The Cleveland City Council held its first meeting Monday night after the summer recess and unanimously approved of a resolution in support of universal background checks statewide.

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Gov. DeWine Calls for Fixing ‘Major Flaw’ in Background Check Systems

Gov. Mike DeWine called for improvements to Ohio’s background check systems during a Wednesday press conference and said that he plans to release a gun-related bill for the General Assembly to consider in the coming weeks.

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Ohio Liberty Coalition Will Start Petition to Have Any Red Flag Law Placed on Ballot

The Ohio Liberty Coalition, a grassroots conservative organization, said it will start a petition to have any red flag law that passes the Ohio Legislature placed on the 2020 ballot for voters to decide on.

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Ohio Budget Raises Smoking Age from 18 to 21 With No Exceptions

  Under Ohio’s newly-passed budget, the legal age to purchase cigarettes and vaping products in the state will jump from 18 to 21. The 3,200-page budget document contains several pages of new tobacco-related provisions, all of which make it “illegal for any person under the age of 21 to purchase…

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The ‘Other’ Work of the Ohio General Assembly

  Should Dunkleosteus terrelli be Ohio’s official fossil fish? Should the sugar cookie be the official cookie of the state? What about the Monarch Butterfly?  Should it become the official butterfly for Ohio? The Ohio Senate believes the answer to the first question is yes. Senate Bill 123 was unanimously passed…

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Buckeye Institute Annual Report Identifies $2.5 Billion in Savings for Ohio Taxpayers

The Buckeye Institute released its annual Piglet Booklet Wednesday, which identifies wasteful government spending across state agencies that could save Ohio taxpayers $2.5 billion. “In this year’s Piglet Booklet, The Buckeye Institute identified at least $2.5 billion that policymakers can save Ohioans. And with the increase in the gas tax,…

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Heartbeat Bill Set to Become Law in Ohio After Emotional Day at the Statehouse

One of the most divisive and talked-about bills in Ohio’s history is officially on its way to Gov. Mike DeWine’s desk and is expected to be signed into law at any moment. After months of debate and numerous committee hearings, the heartbeat bill passed the Ohio House Wednesday afternoon in…

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Ohio House Democrats Introduce ‘Equal Pay Act’ to End ‘Pay Discrimination’

Ohio House Democrats unveiled their plans to close the gender wage gap with an “Ohio Equal Pay Act” Tuesday, which marked the annual “Equal Pay Day” in America. Reps. Stephanie Howse (D-Cleveland) and Randi Clites (D-Ravenna) discussed their bill at a press conference alongside several of their Democratic colleagues. “Ohio’s…

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Ohio Republicans Look to Crack Down on Sanctuary Ordinances After Dayton Public Schools Declares Itself a ‘Sanctuary District’

Two Republican state representatives in Ohio introduced a bill Tuesday to ban sanctuary ordinances after the Dayton Public Schools Board of Education voted to become a “sanctuary school district” last week. House Bill 169 was introduced by Reps. Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg) and Candice Keller (R-Middletown), who said in a joint…

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Ohio Legislators Applauded for Addressing ‘Seriously Flawed’ School Funding Formula, But Questions Still Remain

After 15 months, a bipartisan workgroup unveiled its Fair School Funding Plan to overhaul Ohio’s school-funding formula, but some still had questions about how it will accomplish what Ohioans need. Reps. Bob Cupp (R-Lima) and John Patterson (D-Jefferson) spearheaded the workgroup along with superintendents and educators from across the state,…

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Ohio House Democrats Question ‘Fiscal Stability’ of Republican Governor’s $69 Billion Budget Proposal

Ohio House Democrats are raising concerns over the “fiscal stability” of Republican Gov. Mike DeWine’s $69 billion budget proposal released Friday. House Minority Leader Emilia Strong Sykes (D-Akron) said that while her caucus was “encouraged by the governor’s commitment to supporting Democratic policies of investing in families, maintaining access to…

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Bipartisan Bill Would End Ohio’s ‘Disastrous’ Academic Distress Commissions

A bipartisan bill that would overturn state takeovers of low performing local schools is set to be introduced in the Ohio General Assembly next week. Under House Bill (HB) 70, a 2015 legislation, the state superintendent of public schools is required to intervene via “Academic Distress Commissions” for “each school…

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Gun Rights Bill Kasich Vetoed is Law in Every Other State

Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) vetoed the Ohio General Assembly’s gun-rights legislation Wednesday, even though the bill was removed of most of its substantial provisions before passage. As The Ohio Star reported last week, House Bill 228 was stripped of its “stand your ground” measure, which would free gun owners from…

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Senate Bill Would Ban One of Most Gruesome Forms of Abortion in Ohio

The Ohio House of Representatives passed a landmark bill Thursday that if signed into law would ban all abortions after the unborn baby’s heartbeat is detected. But if the legislature is unable to override an expected veto of the heartbeat bill by Gov. John Kasich, then there’s another bill waiting…

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Ohio Senate Asked to Support Israel as BDS Movement Gains Steam on Campus

The Ohio State Senate is being asked to pass a resolution that would put Ohio on record in support of the nation of Israel and against those seeking to weaken it through the boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. The so-called BDS movement is strong on college campuses across the United…

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Expert: Ohio’s Professional Licensing Laws Out of Whack, Need Reform

Ohio is in “critical need” of reforming its outdated occupational licensing system, says a research fellow at The Buckeye Institute. Greg R. Lawson, an expert on the matter of professional licensing, issued a statement Thursday thanking State Sen. Rob McColley’s (R-Napoleon) for his work pushing a bill that Lawson says…

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Ohio State House Passes Pro-Life Heartbeat Bill as Measure Heads to Senate

The Ohio House of Representatives voted Thursday to pass a bill that would ban almost all abortions upon detection of a heartbeat in the unborn baby. But the bill did not pass by a big enough margin to make it veto-proof, and Gov. John Kasich has staunchly opposed it, arguing…

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AFP-Ohio Announces Top Six Priorities for 2018 Lame-Duck Session

The free-market oriented Americans for Prosperity has released its legislative priority list for Ohio’s 132nd General Assembly lame-duck session. AFP’s Ohio chapter is advocating the passage of House Bills 189 and 342, while opposing House Bills 211, 525, 571, and Senate Bill 128. AFP-Ohio supports legislation that breaks down barriers to…

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‘Heartbeat Bill’ Scheduled for Floor Vote in Ohio State House

Fetus on Health

A pro-family organization has issued an action alert to pro-life Ohioans informing them that the Ohio State House of Representatives has scheduled a floor vote Thursday on a bill that would ban abortions after the point at which an unborn baby develops a detectable heartbeat. House Bill 258, also known as…

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Red-Hot Battle Over Gun-Control Laws Expected in Ohio’s Lame-Duck Session

Ohio’s lame-duck session appears primed for a battle over gun legislation with several bills vying for attention on both sides of the gun-rights issue. One bill that has the backing of lame-duck Gov. John Kasich is the so-called Red Flag Bill, or SB 278, which would allow law enforcement or…

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Ban on Child Marriage Likely to Come Out of Ohio Legislature’s Lame-Duck Session

Ohio lawmakers have prioritized a list of bills they’d like to see hurried through the legislature in the lame-duck session that ends in December, and one of the most likely to pass is a ban on child marriage. With a list that includes abortion, gun laws and criminal-sentencing reform, one…

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Ben Shapiro to Testify at Ohio General Assembly in Support of Free Speech on Campus

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro will testify before the Ohio State House next week in support of a bill that would promote diversity of opinion and open debate on college campuses in the state. Shapiro, an attorney and best-selling author, is scheduled to testify at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 13, in support of…

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Americans for Prosperity Reports Three of its Six Endorsed Candidates Won in Ohio Legislative Races

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) of Ohio issued a statement Wednesday congratulating its newly elected and re-elected members of the Ohio State Senate and Ohio House of Representatives. The organization applauded its activists for their “tireless efforts to support policy champions seeking to represent Ohioans in Columbus.” AFP State Director Micah…

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Ohio Lawmakers Push Bipartisan Bill to Reform ‘Burdensome’ Cosmetology Licensing Laws

Cutting, styling and coloring hair is no small responsibility. An untrained cosmetologist operating out of her basement can wreak havoc on the public health. “We have a responsibility to the public that we’re going to be doing this in a safe manner, so that way they’re not going to contract…

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OFF THE RECORD: Far Left Phil Robinson Hopes Ohio House District 6 Campaign Will End Long Losing Streak

Far Left Phil Robinson, recently endorsed by former President Barack Obama, hopes that his fourth run for public office will be the charm.  Robinson, a former staffer for left coast liberal Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), moved back to Ohio and ran for University Heights City Council in 2009.  He lost. He…

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Democrat Candidate in Ohio-19 House Race Mary Lightbody Doesn’t Think Voters There Pay Enough Taxes

Mary Lightbody

According to her campaign website, Democrat Ohio House District 19 Candidate Mary Lightbody wants to “Light up Ohio with Lightbody.” However, if her far left agenda is enacted, Ohio taxpayers may be left simply too poor to afford a lightbulb. Ohio House District 19 is located in Eastern Franklin County.  The…

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