Top Lawmakers Say Ohio Constitution Too Easy to Change

State House Speaker Ryan Smith says Ohio’s Constitution is under attack. Special-interest groups have been asking voters to amend the state’s constitution as a way of bypassing the legislature on certain issues, he said in a radio interview with Jo Ingles of the Statehouse News Bureau. Smith said Ohio’s founding fathers did not…

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Ohio’s Issue 1 Handed Resounding Defeat as Voters Balk at Letting Drug Felons Bypass Prison

Maureen O'Conner

Issue 1 went down in flames Tuesday as Ohio voters overwhelmingly decided they didn’t want to change their state constitution in a way that binds the hands of judges in drug possession cases. With more than 90 percent of the precincts reporting, voters were crushing the ballot measure by a…

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County Prosecutor Calls Idea Behind Ohio’s Issue 1 ‘Insane’

Perhaps the most controversial ballot proposal to hit Ohio in years, Issue 1 stirs passions on both sides. If passed by voters on Nov. 6, Issue 1 would amend Ohio’s Constitution to downgrade most drug possession charges to misdemeanors. It doesn’t matter what type of drug, even the deadly fentanyl,…

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