GOP Lawmaker Claims School Officials in His State Found a Loophole in the Ban on CRT

A Republican lawmaker in Oklahoma is sounding the alarm on what he says is just the “wicked woke stepsister of” Critical Race Theory.

Oklahoma state Senator Shane Jett has proposed legislation to prohibit the teaching of so-called Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in K-12 public schools. The Oklahoma State Department of Education (DOE) is using the seemingly nice sounding name “Social and Emotional Learning” to implement the curriculum as a loophole in a state law that restricts teaching concepts like CRT, according to Jett.

Jett believes his bill, if passed, would shut that loophole and keep SEL out of public schools.

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State Board of Education Battles Over Parental Rights, Student Privacy in Social-Emotional Learning Debate

  COLUMBUS, Ohio — The State Board of Education (SBE) continued the battle over Social Emotional Learning (SEL) standards at their monthly meeting. SEL makes up one-quarter of the Board’s Strategic Plan for Education called Each Child Our Future. Half the plan is academic. Board members discussed the standards on…

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