Sen. Tom Cotton Calls Democrats’ Fight To Hold Coronavirus Bill Hostage Over Climate Change, Other Liberal Dreams a ‘Disgrace’

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said Monday that his Democratic colleagues are holding up the Senate’s coronavirus bill so they can push green energy policies, among a slew of other “radical” measures.

The Arkansas senator railed against his colleagues, telling his Twitter followers that they were putting Americans’ lives at risk over global warming. His criticism came after Senate Democrats failed to pass a procedural cloture vote on a phase-three coronavirus stimulus bill.

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Commentary: Media Says Trump Caved on The Wall, but It’s Democrats in the Dark

by Jeffery Rendall   Friday started off with the blockbuster news that longtime associate and occasional Trump political advisor Roger Stone was ensnared (for process crimes, no less) in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ever-widening “Russian collusion” net, which to the liberal establishment media meant that the long-anticipated “smoking gun” had…

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Commentary: The Not-So-Fabulous ‘Fabulists’

by J. D. Hayworth   A familiar cacophony arises again from the city John F. Kennedy once described by as a place of “Southern Efficiency and Northern Charm.” Washington, D.C. reprises its role as the epicenter of leftist “wailing and gnashing of teeth” over another “government shutdown” that really isn’t. A…

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Commentary: Compromise Doesn’t Work in the World of Cutthroat Politics

by Jeffrey A. Rendall   It doesn’t take a genius to declare American politics is broken. On one side you’ve got Republicans who are supposed to believe in limited government and individual liberty; on the other are Democrats, a party increasingly defined not only as the home of big government…

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Chuck Schumer Demands Climate Concessions From Trump on Infrastructure Spending

by Michael Bastach   Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told President Donald Trump that Democrats won’t cut a deal with him on infrastructure spending unless it includes a slew of policies aimed at fighting global warming. Schumer, the Senate’s top Democrat, called for, among other things, making green energy and…

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Commentary: Don’t Allow Senators Like Schumer & Collins to Blow Up Trump’s Next Supreme Court Pick

Chuck Schumer, Susan Collins

by Jeffery Rendall   “Dang-it!” Chuck Schumer exclaimed to staff gathered in his senate Minority Leader’s office after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement last week. “I thought Steve Breyer already convinced Kennedy to stay another year and now this,” Schumer dribbled exasperatedly, spittle forming at the corners of his mouth…

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Trump Rips Schumer, ‘Fake News’ Over Criticism Of North Korea Meeting

President Trump and Chuck Schumer

by Will Racke   President Donald Trump on Sunday lambasted two of his favorite targets — Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the media — for their critical assessment of his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Trump led off a series of tweets by taking a swipe…

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