Steve Cortes Commentary: Vote ‘Yes’ on Issue 1, Protect Ohio from Extremists Like the ‘School Porn Moms of Shaker Heights’

Why are the most radical groups in America, from BLM to the ACLU, suddenly so enthused about politics in Ohio?

After all, Ohio is a generally traditional, center-right state. But these leftists now seek to abuse the process of representative government in Ohio by compelling binding state constitutional referendums in lower turnout election cycles to inflict liberal policies that would never survive the normal lawmaking process.

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Steve Cortes Commentary: The U.S. Economy Is Proving Critics Wrong Yet Again

by Steve Cortes   The booming U.S. economy is proving the Democrats wrong yet again — liberals keep predicting a recession, but businesses just keep on hiring. According to the recently published data from the Department of Labor, nonfarm payrolls surged by 304,000 jobs in January, nearly doubling the 165,000 jobs that…

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