Jim Renacci Calls Sherrod Brown’s Talking Points on Tax Cuts ‘Inaccurate Scare Tactics’

In his debates with Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH-16), on the campaign trail, and in op-eds, Sen. Sherrod Brown¬†(D-OH) has repeatedly hammered the Trump tax cuts as an incentive for corporations to ship jobs overseas. “Under their law, companies earning profits in Hamilton County pay a 21 percent tax rate. But…

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Bredesen Refuses to Release Tax Returns, Offers No Comment on Whether He Personally Benefits from Solar Investment Tax Credit

Phil Bredesen

Former Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen could soon become one of the wealthiest members of Congress, but the 74-year-old candidate has declined to release his income tax returns. Bredesen did recently file financial disclosures, which all candidates are required to do, revealing that he had an income of between $3.3 million…

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