Public Policy Group Files Records Request to Allow Ohioans Access to the Math Behind Health Department’s COVID-19 Model

The Ohio Roundtable filed a Freedom of Information request with Dr. Amy Acton of the Ohio Department of Health to allow all Ohioans to “see the math” behind the construction of Dr. Acton’s latest model which is controlling public policy decisions in Ohio.

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Congressman Jim Jordan: ‘It’s Time We Know Who Started This Whole Thing’

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH-04) and twenty-nine of his colleagues crashed Adam Schiff’s impeachment “party” Wednesday. The GOP Reps attempted to gain access to the secret hearings. Jordan told the press, “It’s time we know who started this whole thing.”

“Why don’t we know?” the Conservative Congressman asked. “Why don’t we know who the person is who started this whole charade that Adam Schiff is now doing in the bunker of the basement of the Capitol?”

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Commentary: Trump Picks the Right Fight With Pelosi and Schumer

by George Rasley   Yesterday, President Trump surprised White House reporters by calling them into the Oval Office conversation with Democrats that was originally designated as closed to the press. During the debate, both House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer protested that it was taking…

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