Mike Gibbon’s Ohio Strong Action PAC is Not Connected to Governor Mike DeWine’s Gun Control Plan Called ‘Strong Ohio’

Governor Mike DeWine announced his promised gun-control package Monday called “Strong Ohio.” The move caused confusion and upset among supporters of Mike Gibbon’s similarly-named political action committee, “Ohio Strong Action.” The two are not connected.

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National Unemployment Steady, Ohio Unemployment Ticks Up: Experts Weigh in on Ohio’s Economy

  Nationally the unemployment figures remained steady at 3.7%, but Ohio’s figure edged up a tenth of percent to 4.1. Several economic analysts have weighed in over the last few days to discuss the overall state of Ohio’s economy compared with the nation’s. Opportunity Ohio found, “Latest @BLS_gov job figures…

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State Revenues in Trump Economy so Strong They’re Giving Money Back to Taxpayers

by Grace Carr   Several states are cutting taxes and putting money aside to protect themselves during future recessions as state economies continue to boom since President Donald Trump took office. Almost every U.S. state is experiencing a thriving economy; 48 states will meet or exceed revenue expectations, according to…

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President Trump at Lebanon Rally: ‘We Are Witnessing A Phenomenon Called America First’

It was his third rally this week but you wouldn’t have known it. Appearing energized by the big and boisterous crowd, President Donald Trump took the podium Friday night in Lebanon, Ohio  to thunderous chants of “USA! USA! USA!” and never backed off, pummeling Sen. Sherrod Brown and Senate Democrats…

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Obama Coming to Ohio to Stump for Fellow Democrat DC Insider Richard Cordray

Richard Cordray and Barack Obama

Former President Obama has placed Ohio atop his to-do list for states in need of a few more Democrats to swing the political agenda leftward. He sees Richard Cordray, who served as one of his key regulators for six years in Washington, as a big part of the equation in…

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Underreported: What Tax Reform ‘Crumbs’ Meant for These Blue Collar Workers


by Kelsey Harkness   Tom Condon has seen Jamison Doors through many of the company’s ups and downs. A factory worker for 28 years, Condon has survived multiple rounds of layoffs, diligently scribing metal and performing other tasks to help piece together the cold storage doors the company’s been making for…

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