Battleground State Report: Election Integrity Will be Critical to Outcome of 2020 Presidential Election

On last weekend’s Battleground State Report  with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Doug Kellet, a one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication rollout, the hosts talked about the voter suppression narrative which is consistently moderated by the left, and how they have conveniently left out the hundreds of people that vote illegally as dual residents.  Gill proposed a solution to this problem which would be to install a national voter database that would alert previous residents of one state when they have registered in another state.  The men agreed that such illegal voting activity should be audited and prosecuted and that Republicans have missed the boat on this opportunity in response to the current political narrative.

Gill: One of the big issues guys that came out of the midterms that has been kind of an underlying issue… John Fund wrote a great book a few years back about the voter integrity issue.  About the fraud, the dead voters, the prospects of problems with mail in voting, where you don’t know who the person who sends in the ballot is actually the person who was supposed.  Supposed to be checking signatures  against their registration, against the outside of the envelope, and the inside of the envelope.  This isn’t happening.  And voter integrity in 2020, the theft of elections is a bigger issue then “Russian Collusion” and yet the left doesn’t have any interest in pursuing the numbers of dead voters and illegal alien voters, and others that are swinging close elections.  And in states like Florida where you have a Republican Senator by about thirteen to fifteen thousand votes, they couldn’t steal quite enough to steal the election.  But in other states where it was a lot closer, it almost certainly happened.

Leahy went on to discuss the concept of the and how there is no other news format out there like it today.  He explained how the report will be focusing on voter integrity in the seventeen battleground states.  He mentioned Florida’s voting debacle during the midterms and how he predicts Florida to be a problem in the 2020 elections.

Gill: Even though Brenda Snipes has resigned, and been retired, and she’s not gong to be running the show in Broward County, it wills till be a problem?

Kellet: She’ll get another job though there in the government there don’t you imagine, in Broward County?  Somebody will appoint her to something there right?

Leahy: Doing what she did for Broward County for some other county perhaps.

Kellet: And maybe so.  I just got you know, thinking about the whole issue of voter integrity is so true.  Why is it that one party seems to always benefit from these kinds of situations?  I think that’s one question.  I think we kind of know the answer right? But the other thing is about voter suppression.  Because isn’t it, as a good American, you want to suppress voters who actually have no legitimate right to casting their ballot?  For example, if they can’t prove who they are, or they happen to not be a legal citizen to vote, or their not a resident of the area that they vote in. Isn’t that part of the process?  You know, we like to say voter suppression, but shouldn’t we suppress those voters?

The men went on to discuss the left’s mantra of “every vote counts” however joked that it seemed to include those of illegal voters and dead voters alike.  Kellet interjected by stating the left has been able to ‘capture the vocabulary’ which eliminates the ability for the other side to push back on this issue of votes that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Gill: Part of it’s a procedural conflict of we want states to control their own political process, their own election process as much as possible.  And in Florida, I mean one of the problems is, county by county they have their own ballots.  So you’ve got butterfly ballots in some counties.  You’ve got different ways of balloting in others.  There ought to be a consistent pattern.  I always kind of find it interesting that we want a federal overlay of education to have a “common core”, a common testing procedure, and yet when it comes to elections, we’ve got fifty states that decide how they conduct them.  And in some counties, more poorly than others, and in some states more poorly than others.  To me there ought to be a national database that if you register to vote in Minnesota, the state of Florida gets a notice that you’ve now registered to vote somewhere else.  Because in past elections, there have been examples of voters who live and work in New York during the summer months and then move to Florida during the winter months.  They’re voting in both places.  And there have been examples.  There’s not a real back check of how many times that happens, we know it happens.  We know that people living in one state who have voter registration still in other states have the capacity to, ‘well I’m going to use my vote in Minnesota this time using my Minnesota voter registration and I’m gonna vote this time because it looks like close elections in Florida.’  That is illegal and should be prosecuted.  And to me, the way you stop it is with a better database of if you register somewhere else, you have to inform the previous state that your voter registration is no longer valid.  So you can’t have this go ‘back and forth methodology.’

Leahy: Did you see the news report about Broward County?(Chuckles) I know Doug’s laughing because he knows what’s coming here.  Apparently like a thousand people live at the local UPS stores.

Gill:  That are registered to vote there.

(Leahy laughs)

Gill: It’s so hard to squeeze into those little boxes.  I mean it’s kind of difficult.  But you’ve got houses where you’ve got houses where there’s like forty people registered to vote.  Again this is vote fraud. And to me, finding it should be a critical element.  There ought to be a full audit of how many dead people are voting. You’ve got a bunch of voters in Broward County, I can’t remember, it was hundreds of them that are over a hundred and fourteen years old.  No their not!  They died and yet they’re apparently consistently voting in local and state wide elections.  If you deal with it, I think in a two step process, first, by finding it, by going into an audit, going into a process, and this is where Republicans have completely dropped the ball not aggressively seeking out and exposing this vote fraud when it happens. And then prosecuting it.  This is where the DA’s and the attorney generals have to aggressively prosecute this.  When you start throwing people in jail, when you see people being perp walked into the courtroom, when you see them wearing orange jumpsuits, and not the right color and shade of orange that you Tea fans might like, but when they’re being perp walked into jail wearing orange jumpsuits others will say, ‘man, it’s just not worth the risk to go cast one vote in a state when I’m not legally eligible to do that.’

In closing the men re-visited the PR battle with voter suppression and it’s legality and how to improve the perception of voting to the American people.  They also discussed the influence of George Soros and the left who’ve been targeting seats in the Attorney General and Secretary of State positions statewide using his millions of dollars so that he and the left can install corruption and keep the “Brenda Snipes” across the country around to control election outcomes in their favor.

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