Liberal Blogger Falsely Claims Flinn Ad is Anti-Semitic; Forced to Retract

George Flinn, David Kustoff

A liberal blogger in Memphis, Steve Ross, leaped into the 8th Congressional Republican Primary to, falsely, claim that George Flinn altered a photo of Congressman David Kustoff to play up his “Jewish features.”  But the photo in the mail piece hadn’t been altered to accentuate Kustoff’s features to make him “look Jewish.” So the blogger backtracked.

The mailing that generated the outraged blog post was a Flinn campaign piece that pointed out that Kustoff has accepted campaign donations from a couple of law firms that have defended 15 detainees held in the terrorist detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The law firms have acknowledged their representation on their websites; and Flinn has questioned how Kustoff can represent “our values when he takes money from law firms who defend terrorists.”

Flinn and Kustoff are in a tight race for the GOP nomination to represent the 8th Congressional District in the August 2 primary.

Last week, Kustofff stumbled badly when he sent out a mailer that criticized Flinn but did so by attacking three pregnant women who had appeared in pro-Flinn advertising.

Kustoff recovered some momentum, however, when he received an endorsement from President Trump later in the week.

Trump’s endorsement of the one-term Congressman with a lackluster record of achievement who voted in favor of the budget-busting Omnibus  budget bill Trump signed but excoriated the Congress for passing and sending to his desk was considered a surprise by many Tennessee political observers.



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