New Poll: Only 33 Percent of Ohio Voters Believe Sherrod Brown Deserves Reelection

Sanctuary cities, gun control, federal funding of Planned Parenthood abortion doctors, high taxation of the middle class – there’s one Ohio senator who supports every one of these liberal policies.

His name is Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who has been in Washington for 25 years..

And Ohio Republicans are banking on his track record finally starting to catch up with him before the Nov. 6 election.

Now the GOP has some data that offers hope.

According to a poll by Morning Consult, only 33 percent of Ohioans think Brown deserves to be reelected.

Of six key Senate races looked at by Morning Consult, only one fared worse than Brown on the question: “Do you think [your senator] deserves reelection?”

That’s good news for Brown’s challenger, Jim Renacci, whose campaign could use a boost. A recent poll by left-leaning Politico showed Brown leading Renacci by a whopping 16-point margin. Another poll conducted Sept. 20 for The Ohio Star found Renacci trailing by 10 points.

Brittany Martinez, communications director for the Renacci campaign, said the data from Morning Consult identifies the reason some believe there is a hidden backlash brewing against Brown. Is a statement emailed to The Star, she said:

Despite being in Congress for 25 years and spending more than $12 million this election cycle alone, liberal Sherrod Brown’s track record of voting in line with the Chuck Schumers of the world has caught up with him – only 33 percent of Ohioans believe he’s worthy of reelection. The people of Ohio are sick of career politician Sherrod Brown repeatedly blocking the President’s agenda and defending liberal policies — like sanctuary cities — that don’t reflect Ohio’s values. Ohioans deserve better.”

The nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics recently ranked Brown the top Senate recipient of donations from special-interest lobbyists. He is the golden boy of Big Labor, Big Abortion and those seeking to undermine the Second Amendment.

But, the economy ranks as the top issue, at 26 percent, on the minds of Ohioans in the U.S. Senate race. That’s followed by security [20 percent], senior-citizen issues [19 percent], healthcare [17 percent] and education [6 percent].

That breakdown would seem to benefit Renacci, an accountant, businessman and current congressman representing Ohio’s 16th district.

Renacci played a key role in helping the Trump administration write its tax reform legislation. Less than a year after the tax cuts went into effect, the economy is starting to hum.

Democrats won’t admit it, but the reason for the rebound is more middle-class people returning to work. Many others are getting raises for the first time in years. Even those who haven’t yet seen a raise have found that they get to keep an additional $2,000 annually, thanks to the Trump tax cuts.

Trump also finalized, just last week, a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. This deal, unlike the unfair NAFTA, bodes well for those who work in Ohio’s auto industry.

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Anthony Accardi is a writer and reporter for The Ohio Star.






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One Thought to “New Poll: Only 33 Percent of Ohio Voters Believe Sherrod Brown Deserves Reelection”

  1. Maybe Jim Renacci then should be asking himself, RIGHT NOW, why he doesn’t have a double digit lead over a man with a 33% approval rating. Could it be Jim that you yourself only have a 72 % conservative rating by The American Conservative Union? You are very close to being a Rino, why is that?