OFF THE RECORD: Mary Lightbody, Ohio House Candidate, Trying to Hide Her High Tax Views

Just last month, The Ohio Star introduced you to Barack Obama endorsed, Ohio House Candidate Mary Lightbody.  We told you then that there’s simply something about Mary and her love for higher taxes.  And here’s what we said:

Simply put, Mary Lightbody wants to impose billions in new, higher income taxes on Ohio investors and business owners. And she’s not even trying hide her radical views from voters.

According to an online interview conducted by the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network, Lightbody wants to add in two new higher rates to Ohio’s current 4.99% top tax bracket. If she had her way, she would bring back the Richard ‘Dick” Celeste era top tax rate of 7.5% on income in excess of $250,000 and introduce a new 8.5% rate on income in excess of $500,000.

But since we wrote that story something very peculiar has happened.  When you click on the link to her interview, that page can no longer be found.  Luckily, we saved a screen shot.  You can go view it here.

But here’s the thing about big government, liberal tax-hikers like “High Tax Mary” Lightbody.  They simply cannot keep quiet about it.

In fact, just one week after our article appeared, and while “High Tax Mary’s” staff was busy scrubbing that other website, Mary said this on her Facebook page:

Cutting taxes is NOT a simple shortcut for a better life for families. We need a candidate that will go further.

When “High Tax Mary” Lightbody says go further, she means raise our taxes.  There isn’t any doubt about it.  And just in case her latest post gets scrubbed too, you can go view a screenshot of it right here.

Voters in Eastern Franklin County, including, Gahanna, New Albany, & Westerville;  hang onto your wallets.

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Scott Pullins is an attorney, charter school board member and a regular contributor to The Ohio Star. Image “Mary Lightbody” by







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