Ohio Tea Party Takes Out Full Page Ad in One of Trump’s Favorite Papers Demanding Border Wall Funding

The We the People Convention, an Ohio-based Tea Party affiliate, announced Monday that it took out a full-page ad demanding funding of the border wall in The Washington Times, which is allegedly one of the four newspapers President Donald Trump reads every morning.

In a Monday press release, We the People Convention President Tom Zawistowski wrote to his supporters to explain why he “spent the time and the thousands of dollars necessary to run” the full-page ad.

Zawistowski expresses concern about “the disconnect between President Trump and the grassroots,” saying the grassroots has “virtually no communications” with Trump.

“I felt that we needed to get the message to the president that we never expected him to do this alone,” he writes. “My understanding is that the president reads four newspapers each day and one of them is The Washington Times. Further, The Washington Times delivers the paper to every congressional office.”

“I am confident that the president will get our message and hopeful that he will reconsider his positions and reach out to us so that we can coordinate our efforts for 2020,” Zawistowski continues, noting that “the other side is playing for keeps.”

“Their goal is to end this in 2020 or before. If they succeed, we will never have this chance again to restore our nation. It’s just that simple,” he adds.

Zawistowski goes on to explain that the advertisement will provide Trump some leverage as he prepares to meet with Democratic leaders Tuesday and Republican leadership later in the week.

“Our letter shows that we are engaged and that we want the full $25 billion. That should give Trump some negotiating leverage,” he says, telling his fellow Ohioans that “we are going to have to do things we may not want to do and have not done before to protect our president.”

The advertisement itself is written directly to Trump in an effort to encourage the president, telling him that it “is impossible for you, Mr. President, to defeat the ‘deep state'” and its allies without “We the People providing the backing you need to get things done.”

“The immediate battle that must be won is the funding of the border wall. You ran on the promise to build the wall. Every ‘Republican’ in the House and Senate has run on the promise that they would vote to ‘build the wall,'” the ad states. “We the People voted for you and all of them because we understand that we must build a wall on the southern border, and we must fix our intentionally broken immigration laws, if we are to remain a sovereign nation.”

We the People Convention’s advertisement also applauds Trump for “rightfully” threatening to shut down the government if the $5 billion in funding for the border wall isn’t included in the budget bill.

“We the People do not think this is negotiable. We want the entire wall funded! Now!” the ad continues. “Therefore, we ask you and Congress to keep your promises and authorize the full $25 billion in border wall funding in this budget bill.”

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of Battleground State News and The Minnesota Sun. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].

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One Thought to “Ohio Tea Party Takes Out Full Page Ad in One of Trump’s Favorite Papers Demanding Border Wall Funding”

  1. Great job Tom…Every American should applaud Tom for taking this action. This is a well thought out, and very much needed strategy, and we ALL need to support it. If we set on our hands, and not support this folks we have no one to blame but ourselves for what comes.