The Battleground State News Report Breaks Down the Democratic Debacle and How Republicans Stand to Gain

On Friday’s Battleground State Report with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Doug Kellett – a one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication roll-out-the three men discussed (and laughed) about the amazing turn of events creating a debacle in the Virginia state which is shrouded with claims of racism, sex abuse, and ultimately, the battle for power.

Leahy: There’s some craziness going on in Virginia! We thought Virginia was solidly blue. It’s a battleground state but very much leaning blue. The bluest of our seventeen battleground states until…things happened this past week.

Gill: Just in this last week. It does has a huge impact on whether Republicans have a chance not only to make gains this year. What’s happened in Virginia after the debacle of a tortured push for partial birth abortion up to the moment of birth and the Democratic governor advocating for allowing birthed children to be kept comfortable while the decision was made whether to execute them or not created a major controversy that took on a national level of attention. You have the state of New York doing the same thing. Rhode Island. Other states following suit with this. We’re going to push abortion to the very moment of birth and allow kind of an unfettered, as long as you claim some sort of a health basis that a woman can claim. And most medical doctors will tell you that there is absolutely no legitimate basis to terminate a pregnancy for the “health or life of the mother” in that last trimester when you can either have that child born, you can have a cesarean section and have the child born despite whatever health complications the mother may be fearing. There is no justification for the murder of these unborn babies at that stage of the game. And yet this is sort of the radical agenda that the left has subscribed.

Gill continued to talk about what the implications the recent abortion stance in Virgina will do for the Democrats and how President Trump has embraced pro-life standards and his understanding of how this will move voters in the battleground states.  He also touched upon the Governor Northam scandal where his school yearbook showed him in black face next to a Klan robe member and how he admitted it was him then twenty-four hours later took it back and said it wasn’t him. Gill chuckled at the fact that although Northam double backed his original admission and how he’d then followed that up by stating he wore black face and could do the moonwalk. Gill touched upon the immediate cries for Northam’s resignation and how Northam is standing firm that he won’t resign.  He ended his thought summing up the who Virginia debacle and how it was a sea of debauchery accompanied by a sex scandal with Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring’s brown make up wearing school photos instead of ‘black face.’ “How does this play at the ballot box,” questioned Gill.

Kellett: Is this a series on Netflix? I’m in. I want to check it out.


Gill: I told somebody the other day that what you have going on in Virginia, we’re just two dragons and a dwarf from being full on you know, Game of Thrones.


Kellett: Right. I think you’re already in season two. One of the best lines I heard is after all of this, and you just went through every bit of the scandals, plural that are going on there. The state of West Virginia wants to now be renamed Eastern Kentucky. (Laughter)  It’s that bad up there I think up there.

Leahy: It is pretty bad Doug. And it just, you sit and listen to Steve do the synopsis of what’s happened in the past week and you just can’t believe it!

Kellett: Right, because it wasn’t even on our radar right

Leahy: No.

Kellett: before the governor made this famous, “Oh gee we’ll decide whether the baby can live outside the womb,” on his interview with WTOP. I mean we weren’t even talking about the Governor.

Gill: Well let me put my legal hat on for just a moment. If the Governor resigns, then the Lieutenant Governor who’s in the midst of his sex scandal steps in and takes over for the Governor. The Governor is making it clear he has no indication or desire to leave he ain’t leaving…

Leahy: He’s not leaving.

Gill: And the Republican’s that control the House and the Senate are saying we’re not impeaching him.

Leahy: Because…

Gill: It’s not an impeachable offense.

Leahy: And it’s a PR disaster for him. Everyday he stays as Governor it’s a PR disaster.

Gill: And the divide it’s creating among the black base voters of the Democratic party in Virginia and the majority White population in the Democratic party in Virginia. That just plays right into the hands of the Republicans anyway. So the old method of Sun Tzu, the Chinese military strategist. “If your enemy is destroying themselves, just sit back and let it happen.”

The men continued the segment talking about the chain of events that would occur if Northam would resign, and how if that happened, Fairfax would move up into the Governor seat, and if he steps aside, for the alleged racist, Herring, then picks a replacement, for Fairfax and then if the Attorney General was forced to resign for wearing ‘brown face’, then he would resign  and the legislature combined of the Senate and House would elect replacements and the Republicans would presumably elect  a Republican Attorney General which would put Republican’s back with another statewide office and create a potential launching pad for the 2021 Governor election.

“Chaos on the left certainly helps Republicans like Donald Trump have a better chance of winning Virginia and carrying those electoral votes back into the red column,” concluded Gill.

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