The Battleground State Report Talks About How Democrats Have ‘Left the Range of Reality’

The Battleground State Report, airing Fridays at 8 am CST with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Doug Kellett – is a one-hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication rollout. The team talked about how the Democrats have completely lost their minds by narrowing their focus on attacking AG Barr to appease their rabid base instead of listening to the needs of the American people.

Near the end of the show, the men agreed that the Democrats are specifically worried about Attorney General Barr because he is gong to begin investigating them in regards to the Russia hoax.

Gill: When you look at this race. What are the events surrounding the Barr testimony and the impeachment and investigation? It does not look when you ask the people that are going to be voters what are the top priorities. Man, none of that shows up on their list. Immigration. Build the wall. Those sorts of things. The economy. National security. All those rank much much higher and yet the Democrats seem to be a one trick pony when it comes to the only thing they’re talking about which is to make their rabid base happy. To try and avoid having primaries themselves. For failing to satisfy that base.

It seems to me that when you look at the Democratic party leadership as a party, they’re off base and out of touch with the lives of the American people. And what they’re doing in Washington does not connect. And I don’t know if the American people are going to punish them for that and adhere more to Donald Trump because he’s talking about the issues that seem to matter to them. The vitriol and hatred among the left I don’t think is translating to making voters more hateful and angry.

Leahy: You know that’s a great question because you look at Washington, D.C., they’re so mean. They’re so nasty. They’re so tunnel vision focused on bringing Donald Trump down. Now, Donald Trump is a big personality and there are things that are good about him and there are things that you criticize for but that’s true of any President. They’ve gone over the top here. They have ‘left the range of reality’. Now, what proves that is the way that they’ve handled Attorney General Bill Barr. That guy is solid. That guy is not Donald Trump. He is probably one of the most qualified attorney generals in American history. And I think it comes across and they just look like nut cases when they try to..

Kellett: I don’t understand why they’re going after Barr that much either. I mean you could bring Mueller right? They’re now negotiating now with Mueller to have him testify. I mean he wrote the report. Why are they focused on…

Gill: Oh and please let him testify.

Kellett: Right.

Leahy: Hmmm.

Kellett: You know what I”m saying though? Why worry about the four page summary Steve when you can bring the guy that wrote the report. Bring him to Congress than.

Leahy: So you know this reporter Sarah Carter who’s featured on Sean Hannity some times?

Gill: She does a great job.

Leahy: She does. She wrote a piece this week. They’re going after him because they’re afraid of him. And now Rush has said the same thing and I think they’re both right on this. He’s methodical. He’s attentive. He’s calm.

Gill: And he’s got the goods on all these people and he’s going to come after them. Whether it’s Comey…James Comey has been on television interviews and wrote in his book. Of course he wrote a book after claiming under oath that he had no recollection like one hundred and eighty two times about anything that went on while he was the FBI director. But he remembered enough to write a book. But when you look at what’s in his book and the interviews he’s done, he’s admitted to illegally leaking information to reporters. You can convict him just on what he’s admitted too.

Leahy: Well here’s the thing. Attorney General Barr and by the way, just in comparison, Attorney General Barr versus Jeff Sessions, fine man, Sessions but there’s no order of magnitude difference in terms of quality of interpretation. In terms of Attorney General Barr. And he said he’s going to look into the origins of the Russian hoax investigation.

Gill: As opposed to the oranges President Trump talked about.

(Leahy and Kellet laugh)

Leahy: Exactly right.

Kellett: You know Steve was talking about why re the Democrats doing this with investigation and this and that rather than, since it doesn’t show up in the polls as far as what the American people are doing. I think that’s really true. Nancy Pelosi has this wing of her party that is adamant about going against Trump and getting some impeachment.

Leahy: Right.

Kellett: I think she’s struggling. Do you see that she’s struggling with this and she doesn’t really want to do it. But it seems like the base of her party is really pushing her in that direction.

Gill: They’re afraid of primaries.  That’s they’re challenge. You had Steny Hoyer say, “Oh, we’re not going to go there. That’s not the path we’re going to go.” And then all of sudden people saying, “We’re going to run primary opponents against you.” And these guys are going, “Oh my gosh. The crazies in the democratic primary could take me out. Ok, we’ll go along with he impeachment thing.” Even if it could destroy the party.

Even if it could destroy their opportunities. They’re worried about getting passed the crazies in the primary process. The only reason Ocasio-Cortez is in Congress is because a Democrat ignored her who had no leadership and in the primary beat him. You have these Democrats that are terrified of primaries that’s pulling the whole party to the left. And Doug I don’t think they can jump back to the middle after this primary process.

Kellett: Yeah well you mentioned AOC and that sort of came to mind while you were talking. There’s a good example where somebody that really shouldn’t have won, beat a an incumbent Democrat. She didn’t beat a Republican in that district she beat a Democrat.

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