Family Affair: Battleground State Report Discusses the Hunter Biden Effect on Joe Biden’s 2020 Bid for the White House


On Friday’s Battleground State Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – a one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication roll out – the team discussed Hunter Biden’s potential effect on Joe Biden’s campaign for the 2020 presidential race and whether or not it will create a negative impact.

Towards the end of the segment, the men questioned what kind of White House administration we could expect from a Biden presidency.

Gill: And Doug, as if Joe Biden isn’t having enough problems with his own gaffes, his own missteps, highlighting segregationists in the past as his kind of people. As he gets ready to head to a visit over the weekend to South Carolina we’ll see how his pro-segregationist comments of the past will play as he has to cater to the African American vote in South Carolina.

But his problems are being compounded by the problems of his son Hunter where you have the $ 1 billion-plus insider deal that Hunter got by traveling with his daddy when his daddy was Vice President to China. The Ukrainian issues of: did Biden step in to keep his son from being prosecuted in Ukraine?

Leahy: The answer is, probably.

Gill: Yeah. Daddy and son having a kind of an interesting economic relationship. And now Hunter Biden has some explaining to do.  “Lucy, you’ve got explaining to do.” Hunter Biden has some explaining to do to his new bride. This is the woman he was dating while he was also dating his brother’s widow who he’s now married to.

Now he’s having to explain why Louden Alexis Roberts who’s 28 a woman in Arkansas has now filed a petition for child support against Hunter Biden claiming she gave birth to his baby last August. According to court papers that have just been filed. So last August while he’s dating his brother’s widow apparently dating this South African beauty that he married ten days after they met. She must be very beautiful.

Leahy: Ten. No no no. Married ten days after they met? Are you kidding me?

Gill: Yeah he recently married ten days after they met.

Leahy: Ten days after they met so…

Gill: And just a few weeks before his baby mama allegedly dropped a lawsuit on him.

Leahy: Allegedly.

Leahy: So this guy is just an exemplar. Oh we forgot…

Gill: Didn’t he get kicked out of the Navy for doing coke or something?

Kellett: Man I’m getting confused now.

Leahy: Now again he is an exemplar of the kind of moral leadership and behavior that you can expect from a Joe Biden administration. I guess. What do you think Doug?

Kellett: You know I struggle with this one because just kind of historically look at the family members of people who ran for President. Remember how they really tried to make a lot out of Neil Bush when the Bush family…

Leahy: Right.

Kellett: And this some of this nefarious financial dealings. I don’t know how much of a role it plays. Now Joe Biden and there’s a direct sort of indication that Joe Biden used his influence to help Hunter with using the power of the Vice Presidency I guess to further their needs financially then you know that’s very damaging no question about it. I just wonder you’re talking about there the sort of personal behavior. I don’t know Steve, what do you think? Historically has it made any difference with family members on that?

Gill: I just think it raises the questions of what we will have in the White House.

Leahy: Hmmhmm.

Gill: With again, we had the kind of Bill Clinton’s brother that was…

(Inaudible talk)

Kellett: Yeah right exactly.

Gill: And then you go back to Jimmy Carter and you know Bubba Beer. Billy Beer.

Kellett: By the way, I got a can of that in the office.

Leahy: Do you really? Have you opened it yet?

Kellett: No. I’m surprised it lasted this long. I mean that’s a really good point. I wonder how much effect it will have. Now again this is partly why Trump won the election is people are kind of tired of this inside sort of behavior of politicians that kind of get wealthy. They go to Washington and they’re poor like the rest of us and then twenty, thirty years later they’re multi-millionaires. I think people are tired of that. So, it could play a role.

Gill: Sure looks like a swamp doesn’t it?

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