Ohio Dems Hype State Senate Candidate Using Exaggerated Anti-LGBT Claims Against Rep. Keller


The Ohio Democratic Party smeared Rep. Candice Keller as “anti-LGBTQ+” when announcing their new candidate to run against Keller for State Senate.

“State Rep. Candice Keller — who made national news for her anti-LGBTQ+ rant about the Dayton shooting — is running for the state Senate in 2020. Kathy Wyenandt just announced she is running for the Senate seat,” the Democratic Party wrote on Twitter.

Keller has drawn national attention for her recent comments about the root cause of mass shootings.

She wrote, “After every mass shooting, the liberals start the blame game. Why not place the blame where it belongs. The breakdown of the traditional American family.”

Included in her post were a myriad of causes for that breakdown, including fatherlessness, homosexual marriage, violent video games and much more. The focus of her opposition, however, has been almost solely LGBT-related.

Republican opposition to Keller is also fixated on three of the twenty references that Keller made in her post.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones, who is a strong supporter of her primary opponent, told The Ohio Star, “This isn’t the first time she’s made these terrible, horrific comments about people, the way they dress, their gender, their sexual orientation, cross-gender, I think, homosexuals, lesbians, there’s nothing she left out.”

Wyenandt will have an uphill battle regardless of her opponent in the 2020 race for Senate District 4. Butler County is strongly Republican. In 2018, the Republican candidate for governor, Mike DeWine, received over 60 percent of the vote and none of the Republican statewide candidates received less than 60 percent, except for Jim Renacci who earned 59 percent.

Keller earned 63 percent of the vote, the third highest Republican tally in the county and the highest percentage of any legislative candidate. The last time Butler County residents voted for State Senate, in 2016, the term-limited incumbent Bill Coley (R-Liberty Township) received 67 percent.

Wyenandt has run for office before. Against State Rep. George Lang (R-West Chester) last fall she managed to bring in nearly 42 percent of the vote. Her mantra for her Senate campaign is “People over Politics.”

“Public servants ought to be problem-solvers first. They out to be leaders and bring people together instead of divide folks. That’s why I am running for the Ohio State Senate,” she tweeted.

According to her campaign website, Wyenandt’s focus is on an “Ohio Statehouse that has been unwilling to enact change.”

“The establishment in Columbus is mismanaging the budget, refusing to correct our unconstitutionally funded schools and failing to act on comprehensive gun violence legislation even in the wake of a shooting that has hit close to home,” she adds.

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