Sen. Sherrod Brown Told Bill Maher President Trump Bribed a Foreign Leader


Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher and accused President Donald Trump of “bribing” a foreign leader.

“When you bribe a foreign leader in order to get a favor, and you’re President of the United States, you can’t just ignore that,” he said Friday. “And that’s something even Richard Nixon never did.”

Brown’s accusation came as he discussed impeachment with Maher.

Maher wanted Brown’s opinion on the impeachment end game, “What’s the plan for this in the fall?”

Brown’s reply to the question began with praise for Nancy Pelosi’s handling of the situation as one of two main points. “…I say that Lyndon Johnson was probably the best legislative leader in the 20th century, but I’d say Nancy Pelosi is as good or better. So first of all, I trust Pelosi.”

“Second, when, when, when you bribe a foreign leader, when you bribe a foreign leader in order to get a favor and you’re President of the United States, you can’t just ignore that. And that’s something even Richard Nixon never did,” Brown declared.

“So, they’ve got to move forward [on impeachment] in the House. The question though, and I don’t know what’s going to happen. I know a lot of senators and I talk to Republican Senators… quietly they’ll say Trump doesn’t tell the truth, they’ll say Trump’s, some of them will say Trump’s a racist. They see all that. Quietly. They’re not likely going to do anything about it. But it also means thought that the Congress has got to continue to do its work.”

Brown followed up on his comment with what he considered to be the legislative accomplishments of the House. In his opinion, those should be the focus but are not because of impeachment.

“So the question is, the House can do impeachment, and they should, and bring the articles of impeachment. The Senate needs to do its job legislatively [like the House has been] and simply has failed to do that.”

Brown acknowledged the media is going to pay the most attention to the impeachment hearings.

“Next year, impeachment will be over. They’ll be some Republicans who vote to remove him, I’ll bet you, by then, because they’re nervous in their districts, and then come next year, we’ll talk about the issues,” Brown declared.

The Senator claimed Democrats have the upper hand on matters that concern workers. He further stated President Trump does not. His exact comment was, “Donald Trump has consistently betrayed workers.”

The day following Brown’s announcement to Maher that the President has betrayed workers, the actual news for American workers was positive. California hit record low unemployment, Georgia tied their record low unemployment numbers and Alabama’s unemployment rate fell below the national average.

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Photo “Sherrod Brown” by Trương Thị Lệ Sen TV. 






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