More Than One Million Ohioans Have Asked for Government Assistance Over the Last Six Weeks


Another 92,920 Ohioans filed for unemployment benefits last week, which means that 1,075,486 Ohioans have filed for unemployment benefits during the last six weeks, according to the Associated Press.

Nationally, 3.8 million people asked for government assistance last week. This means that America has seen 30.3 million people jobless claims over the last six weeks.

Ohio accounts for almost four percent of the nation’s job loss during this stretch.

For the week ending on April 25, Ohio saw less than 100,000 people file for unemployment benefits for the first time since March.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is still having a hard time getting people their unemployment benefits as only 481,000 Ohioans have received them, according to Fox 8

In the future, these numbers should continue to fall as Gov. DeWine announced this week that Ohio will be opening up parts of the state’s economy. On Friday, the healthcare industry can perform out-patient surgeries, imaging procedures, diagnostic tests and dental and veterinary procedures.

Three days later, general office environments and businesses in manufacturing, distribution, and construction can return to work.

Consumer, retail and service businesses will be able to start on May 12.

For all these businesses, they must follow these certain guidelines Ohio has developed to remain open:

  • Requiring face coverings for all employees, and recommending them for clients and customers at all times
  • Conducting daily health assessments or self-evaluations of employees to determine if they should work
  • Maintaining good hygiene at all times such as hand washing and social distancing
  • Cleaning and sanitizing workplaces throughout the day and at the close of business or between shifts
  • Limiting capacity to meet social distancing guidelines

Restaurants, bars, barbershops and salons remained closed, but DeWine has formed two separate advisory boards to develop best practices for reopening these entities, according to the governor’s press release.

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