Hollywood ‘Bully’ Comes to Ohio to Campaign for Sherrod Brown

If a man can be known by the company he keeps, then Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) believes President Trump is a racist, misogynist white nationalist. Bradley Whitford, the Hollywood actor who has hurled obscenity-laced insults at President Trump and his children, said he was in Ohio this week to campaign…

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Twitter Suspends Libertarian Commentator Gavin McInnes And His Activist Group, ‘Proud Boys’

Gavin McInnes

by Rob Shimshock   Twitter suspended libertarian commentator Gavin McInnes and his fraternal organization, the Proud Boys, Friday evening. The social media giant claimed that McInnes, who hosts “Get Off My Lawn” and “CRTV Tonight” on CRTV, as well as the activist group he founded, violated its “violent extremist groups” policy, reported…

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