‘Dishonest Danny’ Back on the Airwaves in 12th Congressional District with More False Claims

After a brief period of silence, the politician Ohio Republicans refer to as “Dishonest Danny” was back on the airwaves Tuesday – offering up more misleading statements to Ohio voters.

In a new ad​, Danny O’Connor is taking a page out of the Democrats’ 2018 nationwide playbook by claiming he doesn’t accept corporate PAC money and isn’t tied to special interests.

O’Connor is running against Rep. Troy Balderson (R-OH-12), who won the seat in a special election in August.

The ad script is all too familiar. O’Connor accuses his opponent of “working for” corporations, backing “a massive tax giveaway for them, slashing Medicare and Social Security for us.”

Forget for a moment that O’Connor hasn’t slashed anyone’s Social Security or Medicare.

As the ad continues, the righteous Danny O’Connor appears, speaking to nodding Democratic heads at what looks to be a town hall meeting: “Money is one of the biggest problems we see in politics right now,” he says.

Watch the ad below:

One would think from this ad that O’Conner is running his campaign on pennies he collects in a jar standing outside of Walmart.

Yet, O’Connor is running a campaign flush with cash flowing in from all over the country. He has raised an astounding $5.43 million to date, compared to $1.77 million for Balderson, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics at OpenSecrets.org.

And where does O’Connor get his money?

Well, it certainly isn’t coming from the Boy Scouts of America.

A lot of it is pouring in from liberal individual donors, many of them from Hollywood, Silicon Valley and other centers of leftist thinking, thanks to the national media coverage highlighting the Ohio’s 12th congressional district as one that could swing Democrat in November.

But he is also cleaning up in terms of contributions from labor unions and single-issue ideological pressure groups.

Labor unions have contributed $97,250 to O’Connor while single-issue ideological groups have contributed $544,844, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Balderson, by comparison, has received only $27,500 from big labor and $240,980 from single-issue groups.

So don’t be fooled. The O’Connor campaign is merely following the Democrat template for congressional candidates running in the 2018 midterms.

Aftab Pureval in district 1, Betsy Rader in district 14, and Theresa Gasper in district 10 are all making the same false claims – that they have lily white hands while their GOP opponents are stained corporate green. The Ohio Star has reported in depth on each of these candidates’ campaign coffers being stuffed with cash from pro-abortion, pro-gun control and pro-open borders donors.

It’s the same with O’Connor.

O’Connor has accepted thousands of dollars from PACs funded by corporations and special-interest groups with specific legislative agendas​.

When it comes to being beholden to out-of-state money, you don’t have to look any further than the millions of dollars​ O’Connor has accepted from ActBlue, essentially an out-of-state liberal bundling service, says Mandi Merritt, spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.

Danny O’Connor is doing what he does best – misleading voters and leaving out the facts,” Merritt said. “While Dishonest Danny may want you to think he’d be an independent voice for the district, the facts prove otherwise. Danny O’Connor has taken thousands of dollars from PACs and special interests, and millions from out-of-state donors. Voters saw through O’Connor’s disingenuous attacks in August, and they’ll do so again in November.”

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Anthony Accardi is a writer and reporter for The Ohio Star.






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