Money from Wealthy Democrats Pours into Aftab Pureval Coffers from Outside Ohio

One of Aftab Pureval’s primary focus points in his campaign to upend Republican Congressman Steve Chabot and turn Ohio’s first congressional district seat blue, is that Chabot is beholden to “special interests.”

Pureval has used that barb in his ads and in both debates so far with Chabot, including the most recent one Wednesday night.

“When drug prices go up, he doesn’t say a word because he’s bought and paid for by deep-pocketed special interests,” Pureval said. “When fuel prices go up he doesn’t say a word.”

He cited the “corrupting influence of special-interest money” as the main reason why none of the nation’s biggest problems ever get fixed by Washington.

He may be right about that.

But Pureval has actually raised more money overall than Chabot and a greater percentage of it has come from persons and entities outside of Ohio, according to the most recent filing data.

The latest numbers for both candidates have recently been updated through the three-month period ending Sept. 30. Pureval has raised double that of Chabot, with much of his money pouring in from large individual donors and single-issue groups with a liberal ideological bent. Pureval’s total haul as of Sept. 30 is $3.1 million, more than double the $1.4 million raised by Chabot.

Here you can see the breakdown among the three major categories of PAC money for each candidate as shown at

Candidate Business Labor Ideological
Aftab Pureval (D) $6,000 $77,500 $194,424
Steve Chabot (R) $480,746 $3,000 $144,792

While Chabot has raised more from business-related PACs, the ideological PACs that contribute to Pureval tend to be groups favoring big labor, abortion on demand, gun control and open borders.

The ideological PACs that give to Chabot favor free-market capitalism, Second Amendment rights and less government regulation.

The next thing to look at is where the money is coming from, geographically. In state or out of state? Again, OpenSecrets provides the answer.

Pureval’s out-of-state haul dwarfs that of Chabot, who has raised most of his money from Ohioans living in Ohio. Only $77,000 or 18 percent of Chabot’s funding has come from outside Ohio, compared to $816,129 and 36 percent for Pureval. A lot of that out-of-state money is flowing into Pureval’s coffers from wealthy individuals in the TV and entertainment fields, from liberal lawyers and techies.

Pureval has received $55,114 from people who work in TV, movies and music, compared to none in this category giving to Chabot, according to OpenSecrets.

Pureval has received $230,366 from law firms, compared to $39,900 for Chabot.

The liberal Washington, D.C., law firm that employed Pureval for four years – White and Case – contributed $14,250 to Pureval’s congressional campaign. This is the firm Chabot referred to in Wednesday night’s debate as “defending some of the world’s worst dictators, against American citizens.”

Chabot said Pureval was paid his salary for four years with “blood money” from White and Case.

Pureval also received $12,014 from the mega-bank Wells Fargo. Another $10,050 donation came from the city of Cincinnati. Large cities tend to be populated mainly by liberals, but surely there might be a few who would consider a political donation to a congressional candidate an unwise use of taxpayer money.

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Anthony Accardi is a writer and reporter for The Ohio Star.







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