Court: Ohio Man Arrested – Then Acquitted – After Publishing Parody Police Department Facebook Page Can Proceed with Lawsuit

A U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is allowing a First Amendment lawsuit to move forward that was filed by an Ohio man who was arrested for – and later acquitted of – making a parody Facebook account of the Parma Police Department.

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Ohio City of Medina Holds ‘Concerned Citizens’ Referendum Seeking to Overturn LGBT Ordinance

Medina’s Finance Director Keith Dirham, by following the letter of the law, is holding up a referendum that Concerned Citizens of Medina City filed last week aimed at overturning a recently-passed SOGI (sexual orientation gender identity) law, Ordinance 112-19. Dirham has put it on hold for 10 days, which will push them past the filing deadline of August 7th, potentially keeping their referendum off the fall ballot.

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Commentary: The Opioid Epidemic from a Rural Prosecutor’s Perspective

I was at the end of a meeting with a mother whose child is a victim of the country’s opioid epidemic. “So, I’m trying to write about how the opioid epidemic is affecting us,” I informed her. She responded immediately: “It touches everyone, it’s everywhere. I mean, how did it get to this?”

“Where do I even start?”

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