‘Ohio Students Have Suffered Enough’ Jim Renacci Pushes to Re-Open Schools


Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci said Wednesday students need a brick-and-mortar school, and that remote learning has devastating consequences. The Republican is urging all Cincinnati area educators to fight for in-person learning.

Citing an article by the Cincinnati Enquirer that reported “20 local school districts are closed and back to remote learning, with many citing staff shortages,” Renacci and his lieutenant governor running mate Joe Knopp warned of the long-term consequences of remote learning.

“Ohio’s students have suffered enough, and the data shows that,” Renacci said in a statement. “Lower test scores, depression, increase in hospital admissions for mental issues are all affecting our kids across the state. Another round of quarantining our kids and isolating them from the social and educational aspect of a brick-and-mortar school day will be devastating.”

Knopp also released a statement, “I have seen first-hand the impact this has had on my own kids. They are socially stunted. They had shown signs of withdrawing and we said enough. Ohioans are not willing to stand by and let our kids suffer. This is why Jim and I are in this fight. Keep our kids in school!”

Renacci also took to Twitter to call for the openings of schools and to oust current Governor Mike DeWine, who Renacci has branded as a “RINO” in the past.

“School closures are hurting children and are the result of powerful teachers unions,” Renacci wrote on Twitter. “If Mike DeWine won’t support families and keep these schools open, then he should step aside and let someone who actually cares take the lead.”

“More schools in Ohio are returning to “remote learning” this week. Keeping our schools OPEN should be the top priority right now, but Mike DeWine is doing nothing,” Team Renacci also shared on Twitter. “If Mike is too tired to fight, he should get out of the way and let @JimRenacci lead!”

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