Commentary: Never Again!

by Doug Truax


Nobody quite knows what is going to happen with President Trump’s challenges to the 2020 election, but one thing is certain—America should not conduct another national election without massive reforms.

In short, we just watched a Third World-style election within the borders of the greatest country in the history of the world. People voting for weeks, mail-out and mail-in ballots flying everywhere—on trucks across states lines, through post offices populated with partisans, into drop boxes monitored by no one, onto election machines with shadowy ownership where vote tallies apparently were shipped overseas and where states took days to count ballots while others counted them in hours.

The vast majority of Republicans believe massive cheating occurred and so do nearly half of Democrats. Even the corrupt liberal media’s refusal to cover the fraud can’t completely hide it.

We are not going to fully trace the lineage that got us where we are today except to say Democrats have scratched and clawed for change after change to erode election security over the course of several decades while Republicans have been frozen in fear refusing to oppose them.

We can work out the details but the principles remain. Citizens of every state in America should have an opportunity to vote on the following reforms and starting now our organization will fight to make sure they do:

1) With limited exceptions, Election Day is Election Day. No more voting for a month.

2) To make it equally accessible for everybody, Election Day will be a national holiday. Nobody will be denied a chance to vote.

3) Photographic voter ID will be required without exception. There is no valid argument against this important safeguard. In addition, all ballots must be signed and fingerprinted.

4) No more absentee ballots, except for military personnel or for voters who are medically impaired.

5) Early voting should be eliminated or sharply curtailed to just the weekend before the election.

6) All votes must be counted by Election Day. No more phantom ballots showing up hours or weeks later.

7) Paper ballots should be the normtabulated on machines unconnected to the internet.

8) No more same-day registrations. All voter registration rolls must be finalized before the election.

9) All voter records, including on Election Day, must be available online in as close to real time as possible so everyone can know what is going on. Election Day counting should be video recorded.

10) All election vendors should be American companies. No voter information should ever leave the country.

Conservatives across America should make this Restore American Elections Act their number one priority in 2021, no matter what happens between now and January 20. Yes, Democrats seized on COVID-19 to rig the rules of the 2020 election and Republicans need to un-rig them now while the nation’s attention has been heightened.

We live in Illinois and even those Chicago Democrats who have been cheating for years must have been stunned and secretly impressed by the brazen fraud highlighted at post-election hearings in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

America is the greatest country in the world but we cannot continue claiming that distinction until we fix our broken voting system.

– – –

Doug Truax is founder and president of Restoration PAC/Restoration Action, a West Point graduate, successful entrepreneur and a former U.S. Senate candidate from Illinois.









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