Flinn Launches New TV Ad Focused on Kustoff Voting with Nancy Pelosi 227 Times

George Flinn commercial

Dr. George Flinn has begun airing a new campaign commercial accusing Congressman David Kustoff of betraying the people of West Tennessee by accepting money from law firms that represent terrorists, by voting with Nancy Pelosi hundreds of times and accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interest lobbying groups in his first term.

Despite Congressman Kustoff’s promise to destroy radical islamic terrorism, Flinn notes that he accepted campaign donations from two law firms that are best known for representing terrorists in court. Those law firms, Covington & Burling LLP and King & Spalding LLP donated to Kustoff’s reelection campaign on June 26, 2017 and March 30, 2018, respectively. Covington & Burling boasts on their website that they currently represent 15 detainees in Guantanamo Bay at no charge.

“These two law firms could not be further removed from our West Tennessee values,” Flinn said. “Covington & Burling and King & Spalding are left-leaning, social justice warrior law firms that want a direct line to a fellow trial lawyer in Congress,” he added.

Flinn’s new television ad also points out that Kustoff also has voted with Nancy Pelosi 227 times in his first term (as of June 6, 2018) as a Congressman.

“These were not just procedural votes,” Flinn said. “Kustoff voted with Pelosi to fund Planned Parenthood with half a billion dollars, voted to protect trial lawyers, and voted to increase the federal deficit by nearly a trillion dollars, just to name a few examples,” Flinn said.

Kustoff has accepted nearly $500,000 from special interest lobbying groups and PACs in his first term in office, according to FEC reports. Nearly $360,000 of that amount was collected in 2018 alone– the highest amount for anyone running for Congress in the state of Tennessee, according to watchdog group OpenSecrets.

“Kustoff has accepted half a million dollars from special interest groups in his first term, revealing just how many people can control him and sway his votes,” Flinn said. “Unlike Kustoff, I have accepted $0 from special interest lobbying groups. Special interest groups cannot control me or how I vote in Congress,” he added.

The new television commercial began airing on June 11, 2018 on broadcast and cable stations in West Tennessee.






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One Thought to “Flinn Launches New TV Ad Focused on Kustoff Voting with Nancy Pelosi 227 Times”

  1. Thomas Harrison

    I can’t believe Kustoff has taking more special interest money than any other TN congressman. He is part of the problem.