Globalist Phil Bredesen Cuts Commercial Attacking President Trump on Tariffs

Phil Bredesen

Chuck Schumer’s hand-picked Tennessee Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Phil Bredesen went after President Donald Trump’s tariffs in a new television ad, “saying they hurt the state’s auto industry, farmers and exports like Jack Daniel’s whiskey,” according to this report.

This may be the first time Bredesen has taken on Trump openly and in his own voice.

Marsha Blackburn and the Republicans wasted no time in hitting back, pointing out that, no matter what Bredesen says in one ad, it’s inevitable that he becomes Schumer’s man in the Senate in the end. Schumer recruited him to run and helped him secure the backing of huge liberal donors, who will expect to see Bredesen deliver for the money they are spending attempting to elect him.

There’s more here:

Blackburn has said she’s “not a fan” of tariffs, high taxes or trade wars, but that she wants to find a way to “deal with this imbalance that we have when it comes to trade and our exports and imports.”

The new Bredesen ad drew a quick response from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which pointed to Bredesen’s opposition of Trump’s tax cuts last year.

“Phil Bredesen’s vehement opposition to the tax cuts contradicts his phony claim that he’d do anything other than resist President Trump and his agenda in Congress,”NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams said in a statement. “Tennessee voters deserve better than someone who will be a total tool for Chuck Schumer and out-of-touch Washington Democrats.”

Additionally,  the recent retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has injected another critical issue into the race, the composition of the Supreme Court quite likely for many years  to come.

Bredesen, known as a moderate Democrat, has repeatedly said he’s not running against Trump in his campaign. He’s rarely attacked the president, and has downplayed the national significance of the race, which could swing control of the U.S. Senate. Last month Bredesen declined to fire back when Trump called Bredesen a “tool” for U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer during a rally in Nashville.

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5 Thoughts to “Globalist Phil Bredesen Cuts Commercial Attacking President Trump on Tariffs”

  1. Bill

    Bredesen is a opossum. Am I the only one that sees this? A nocturnal animal can’t possibly defend Tennesseans. They only clutter up our highways with their carcasses. Geesh people, say no to opposums as state reps.

  2. lb

    Where was this filmed because with the phony “shoppers” it makes it seem like a Distillery–if so–was it on location or a built set ? He is so transparent–but too many people were fooled by him and then by haslam–I am really afraid it is going to come down to him and Boyd and I wont be able to vote at that point.

  3. Randall

    A total tool

  4. Wolf Woman

    Phony Phil will do what his marxist masters tell him to do.

  5. Angelito

    Liar. He will do what Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi tell him.

    Bredeson is a fraud.