Mike Huckabee Endorses Randy Boyd For Tennessee Governor

Mike Hukabee

Conservative former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has endorsed Republican candidate Randy Boyd for governor of Tennessee.

Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, made the announcement in a television ad Friday, the Boyd campaign announced.

“Huckabee, a notable voice for the conservative movement, is throwing his support behind Randy as a conservative businessman who is strong on key issues like illegal immigration and pro-life values,” the announcement says. “Huckabee also supports Randy’s background as a businessman looking to disrupt career politicians.

The politician, minister, author and commentator says ‘Tennessee needs a conservative businessman as governor who can get things done.’”

Huckabee, a one-time Fox News host, ran unsuccessfully for president twice but carried Tennessee in 2008 by wide margins, the Times Free Press said. Boyd’s campaign CEO is Chip Saltsman, a former Tennessee Republican Party chairman who served as Huckabee’s national campaign manager in the former Arkansas governor’s 2008 presidential effort.

Watch the commercial:



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6 Thoughts to “Mike Huckabee Endorses Randy Boyd For Tennessee Governor”

  1. Brian McMurphy

    Huckabee brings no one to Boyd who wasn’t already there. Three times failed Presidential contender who wanted to compete on radio against Rush Limbaugh by claiming he was to controversial. Ok.

    Bill Dance’s endorsement for Boyd will help him more than Huckabee. That was a good, unconventional get.

    Asian Carp. It’s a real issue.

  2. Ralph

    Endorsements, such as they are, should be subjected to a simple test – what is the rationale for the endorsement and what is the history and credibility of the endorser? In this instance, Boyd is cited as a conservative businessman who built a company up from scratch. “Tennessee needs a conservative businessman as Governor who can get things done” is the exact wording.

    Since its very inception, Boyd’s company outsourced manufacturing to China, and, as the company prospered and began to engage in more research and engineering activities, it established a center to do just that – once again, in China.

    Do not forget, China is a communist nation – so Boyd’s company, from its inception, helped further the communist ideology through direct financial support. That doesn’t meet my criteria as a “conservative businessman” – does it meet yours?

    As for “Faith, Family, and a Good Paying Job”, and “Pro Life” – again, Boyd, in the interest of maximizing profit, made substantial, direct financial investments and long-term commitments to a country that is officially atheist, one that not only promotes abortions, it imposes them on women against their will. Lastly, as for the “good paying job” part, well, sure – for China. Jobs that many Tennesseans struggling in distressed counties could have benefited from. Jobs that could be providing for the growth of the state and opportunities for his fellow Tennesseans. Instead, it goes to China, always has and always will as far as Boyd’s company is concerned.

    Of the 4 GOP candidates, only two meet the test of being private businessmen. A wiser choice for Tennesseans is to go for the businessman who provided jobs right here in Tennessee – in that respect, Bill Lee has it hands down over the other three candidates.

    As for “getting things done” – first, exam what has “gotten done.” In Boyd’s instance he has provided economic growth for an atheistic communist regime that imposes abortions on women against their will.

    No thanks.

    Sorry Mike, you’ve backed the wrong horse here. Maybe the headlines should read “Huckabee Endorses TN Gubernatorial Candidate Who Financially Supports Forced Abortions” – because, sadly, that is the reality. Then see how quickly this endorsement goes right out the window. Perhaps someone should send this note on to Mr. Huckabee – we’re only human and we make mistakes. Fortunately, we have the ability to recognize the error and correct our future actions accordingly. Moreover, in that regard, for an electorate that values faith and morality, Randy Boyd as Governor would be a colossal mistake.

    1. Dalton Jones

      I want to know what cat scratch fever is? Mike played bass for Ted Nugent. Is it a family values term? Because conservatives are supposed to be the party of family values.

  3. Dave Vance

    Not shocked at all that Huckabee would endorse the biggest liberal in the race. He did the the same thing in 2014 when be endorsed Lamar Alexander who was being challenged by Joe Carr, a real conservative by all accounts. The “Beat Lamar” effort that every true conservative supported in 2014 was undermined by people like Huckabee and others that supported the establishment including Diane Black that donated to Lamar in the primary. Not content just to donate to RINOS in Tennessee Diane also donated to Eric Cantor who was being challenged by Dave Brat in Virginia. Who knows how many other RINOS Black has helped elect with her huge donations to the GOP. Huckabee and Black show their true colors by who they support and donate to. So the next time you here a Black supporter complain about something Alexander does like undermine President Trump just remind them of her support for Lamar.

    1. Dalton Jones

      funny how we keep going into recessions while conservatives are in office. Don’t think I’d brag about that. And as far as shutting down planned parenthood, 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer and planned parenthood screens for cancer. And abortions.An illusion to think they are stopping abortion. They are stopping safe abortions. Girls will use clothes hangers. Or the backdoor doctor who butchers up a girl for life. So who wins? Men!

  4. 83ragtop50

    Mr. Huckabee is anything but a strong social conservative. He was exposed for what he truly is during his failed presidential campaign and during his time with Fox News. It would appear that Mr. Huckabee is driven more by the desire to be accepted than by his Southern Baptist conservative roots.