National Poll: Over Half Of Americans Happy With Economy Under Trump

Donald Trump

by Michael Sandoval


A majority of Americans approve of the economy under President Trump despite controversial immigration policies, according to a CNBC poll released Monday.

CNBC’s All-American Economic Survey found 51 percent approve of the economy, an increase of six points since March. Fifty-four percent of Americans rated the economy as either good or excellent, the highest CNBC has recorded in 10 years.

Daily Caller News FoundationWhile many of those surveyed disagreed with Trump’s strict immigration enforcement, it had little to no effect on holding positive views on the strong economy.

Only 36 percent of the public were unsatisfied with the economy.

The poll comes as Trump pushes for policies to keep jobs in America, contributing to the lowest unemployment rates in 20 years. In the past year, 223,000 jobs were created and the gap between black and white unemployment reached an all time low since the release of the numbers in the 1970s.

Eight hundred people were surveyed between June 16-19, during Trump’s push for “zero-tolerance” policies toward illegal immigration. The margin of error for this survey was plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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