Corker Goes Off The Rails On President Trump Over Putin Meeting

Bob Corker, Donald Trump

Outgoing Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) went off the rails over President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland today, saying, “I just felt like the President’s comments made us look as a nation more like a pushover. I was disappointed in that. When he had the opportunity to defend our intelligence agencies, who work for him, I was very disappointed and saddened with the equivalency he gave between them and what Putin was saying.”

And his criticism, which the Left loves, didn’t stop there:

“Sometimes the President cares more about how a leader treats him personally than forcefully getting out there and pushing against things that we know have harmed our nation,” Corker said. “I thought that’s what we all experienced today.”

He continued to say that Putin gained a “tremendous amount” from Trump’s clear approval, and that it would help Russia rebound from being “ostracized.” He added that Putin is probably “having caviar right now.”

Video of Corker’s remarks are making the rounds on Twitter.

A frequent critic of President Trump, Sen. Corker is currently one of the most unpopular Republicans in the the history of Tennessee Politics.

In a Tennessee Star Poll of Republican primary voters released on June 30, Corker’s job approval rating was a miniscule 26 percent, compared to President Trump’s job approval rating of 87 percent.

Corker’s disposition towards the president was not helped at all when the audience at the Trump rally held in Nashville in May booed loudly when he was introduced.

The real estate developer and former Mayor of Chattanooga decided not to run for a third term in the United States Senate back in September as his approval ratings among Tennessee Republicans continued to plummet. In October, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07) announced that she would run from the GOP nomination to replace Corker. Blackburn will face former Gov. Phil Bredesen, who is unchallenged in the August 2 Democrat primary, in the November general election.





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10 Thoughts to “Corker Goes Off The Rails On President Trump Over Putin Meeting”

  1. Randall

    Corker is mad because Tennesseans booed him at Trump’s Nashville rally.

  2. Bruce

    Why haven’t we recalled him yet?

  3. Ratch

    Corker sits around for over a decade, MUTE, while obumble and killery did everything they could to destroy this country, and NOW he wants to whine, complain, second guess, bitch, nag, and throw in with the oppo obstructionists??? Not to mention EMBARRASS the entire state (although not nearly as bad as COHEN)…
    Corker, we realize that you have short-timers’, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that you continue your deaf-and-dumb posture for 5 more months until you GET THE HELL OUT!!!!

    1. Leonard potts


  4. Erik

    I’ve never seen the likes of this where our representatives attacked the president while on foreign soil. This is how coups happen. Bob Corker has become a Banana Republican. The leader of some island nation in the middle of loon lake.

  5. Bill E.

    And here comes all of the back seat drivers telling Trump how he should’ve driven the U.S. car when their own corruption in this country would probably make Putin blush. Reminds me of the little dogs that bark from the porch but too scared to get in the yard. Trump accomplished what he set out to do. He’s a strategist not a lying waffling politician, so I wouldn’t expect a liberal or rhino Republican to understand. As for Putin, he’s done less damage to this country than the foreigner who occupied the white house before Trump, yet you leaders were too weak and scared to buck all the damage his administration caused for fear of being called racist. You guys are as transparent as they come with your bias ignorance. Go Trump!

  6. Bill

    Really Corker? You Really want to call someone else a push over? You cower down to any male or female liberal and practically give our great state away to all that is anti Trump just because you have little man disease. Obviously politics just isn’t your strong point, but being a life long Tennessean I must say shut up and go back to your playground.

  7. A Currey

    Lot of folks will have to eat crow when we find out it was China that hacked us and made it look like Russia.