Report: Ohio Ranks in America’s Bottom 20 States for Economic Freedom

A new report from several free-market think tanks ranks Ohio 35th out of the 50 states in terms of economic freedom. 

The Columbus-based Buckeye Institute issued the Economic Freedom of North America 2022 report in collaboration with the Canadian Fraser Institute, the Puerto Rican Instituto de Libertad Económica and the Mexican Caminos de la Libertad. The study factors in government spending levels, taxation and labor-market flexibility when ranking all states and provinces across the continent. 

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Ohio Ranks 38th in Economic Freedom, New Report Finds

The Buckeye Institute’s annual Economic Freedom of North America report conducted in partnership with Canada’s Fraser Institute found that Ohio ranks number 38 among the 50 states in economic freedom. The report measured each state’s government spending, taxation, and labor market restrictions as indicators of economic freedom. “The measure of…

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Ohio’s Level of Economic Freedom in Bottom Third of States ‘Unimpressive’, Report Says

A report studying economic freedom in all the states finds Ohio at an “unimpressive” ranking of 38 of 50 and sounds the alarm about the state’s public pension, saying it could require a bailout within a decade. The Economic Research Center of The Buckeye Institute and Canada’s Fraser Institute on…

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