Letter to the Editor: Why Hasn’t the Republican State Committee Endorsed Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House?

Jim Jordan

Dear Ohio Star,

How many other voters in Ohio are wondering WHY the Republican State Central Committee has NOT come forward and endorsed one of our own, Jim Jordan as our next Speaker Of The House of Representatives? WHY are they not stepping up and doing this? Just what IS the agenda then of our Central Committee?

This has the same “smell” of cronyism the Central Committee pulled on February 9th when they voted, by secret ballot, to endorse nearly every incumbent in the state before the primary. That vote was by secret ballot, 59-2.

Ask yourself folks, just who’s agenda is being pandered to by a secret ballot vote? Does this support the electorate? If it does, why is it secret?

Logic says it does NOT support the electorate, logic also says that a Central Committee that will NOT endorse one of our own states congress member as Speaker, especially when over 200 Ohio Businessmen and elected officials endorse Jordan, has some other agenda that does not include the wishes of the republican electorate.

I, myself, called both of my State Committee Members and left a message on their voicemails that nearly every one of the Republicans I’ve talked to in by district, Massillon ward D6, want Jordan.

Neither of them has responded.

So, Republicans, what does LOGIC tell you here?


Steven W.
Massillion, OH



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