OFF THE RECORD: Far Left Phil Robinson Hopes Ohio House District 6 Campaign Will End Long Losing Streak

Far Left Phil Robinson, recently endorsed by former President Barack Obama, hopes that his fourth run for public office will be the charm.  Robinson, a former staffer for left coast liberal Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), moved back to Ohio and ran for University Heights City Council in 2009.  He lost.

He then ran for Cuyahoga County Council in 2010.  Despite winning the endorsement of the liberal Cleveland Plain Dealer, Robinson got shellacked in the Democrat Primary.

He next attempted to take on incumbent Republican Ohio House member Marlene Anielski in the 2016 general election.  Robinson got pummeled in that race too as Anielski received 61% of the vote.

Robinson has never actually held a real job outside of politics.  After leaving the staff of Senator Feinstein he landed at Powell Tate, a large public affairs and lobbying firm.  He then moved back to Ohio where he went to work for a couple more “plugged in” public affairs and public relations firms before going to work for his current employer, City Year.

City Year is a taxpayer supported organization started by two social justice warriors, Michael Brown and Alan Khazei, while they were roommates at Harvard Law School.  The two imagined the organization as a Peace Corps like program for America.  What it has morphed into instead is a far-left organization that pays big dollars to not only its founders and employees, but to other radical left wing organizations.

The conservative Heritage Foundation has worked to kill taxpayer funding of City Year parent organizations AmeriCorp and the Corporation for National Community Service since 1995.  Back then, they issued a report saying the $575 million annual program should be terminated because it:

  • Does little to help American families pay for college
  • Destroys the spirit of volunteerism
  • Removes participants from local communities where they are needed and uses them to enlarge the federal bureaucracy;
  • Improperly funds partisan political activities; and
  • Costs the taxpayers too much

In their latest federal budget proposals, the Heritage Foundation again calls for the elimination of federal taxpayer dollars for these programs.  Incidently, the program now costs a whopping $768 million a year in taxpayer dollars.

This past January, City Year sponsored an event in Manchester, New Hampshire to commemorate the life and work of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  But the event quickly came under scrutiny because it offered workshops on such topics as “unpacking whiteness” and “microaggression awareness” and was extremely politicized.

This is the same organization that Robinson has worked for now for nearly eight years.

Robinson hopes to end his electoral losing streak by toppling veteran conservative former lawmaker Jim Trakas in the heavily Republican Ohio House District 6 election this November.  So far,  Robinson’s campaign has gotten little traction.  He began the fall campaign with just a paltry $5,578.53 in his campaign account, not exactly the kind of money a Democrat needs to win in a heavily Republican district.

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Scott Pullins is an attorney, charter school board member, and a regular contributor to The Ohio Star.






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