Explaining Survey on DeWine’s Proposed Red-Flag Law


As The Ohio Star reported Tuesday, just one Republican lawmaker explicitly said in a survey conducted by six Ohio news organizations that he opposes Gov. Mike DeWine’s proposed red-flag law.

The survey was conducted by Akron Beacon Journal, Canton Repository, Columbus Dispatch, Dayton Daily News, and Toledo Blade. The organizations received responses from 62 of the 99 House members and 27 of the 33 Senate members.

They asked lawmakers the yes-or-no question of: “Do you support DeWine’s proposal?”

Just one Republican in the Ohio General Assembly, State Rep. Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg), explicitly said “no.” At least nine Republicans in the General Assembly said they support the measure. The rest either didn’t respond or said they are waiting for a bill to be introduced to make a decision.

In total, 40 Republicans across both chambers said they were either unsure or waiting to the see the “bill language,” according to the survey.

Many state Republicans have spoken out against red-flag laws in the past, and are likely to do so in the future. Since the survey was state-based, it didn’t offer any insight into what U.S. Representatives from Ohio think about national red-flag laws.

Rather, the survey suggested that the “GOP-controlled legislature could be convinced to pass its first gun-control bill in years,” as The Cincinnati Enquirer said of the results.

Many Republicans in Ohio’s General Assembly were vocally opposed to red-flag laws under Gov. John Kasich’s administration.

State Rep. Nino Vitale (R-Urbana), for instance, released a video in November 2018 explaining his opposition to Kasich’s call for a red-flag law.

More Gun Laws Will NOT Make Ohio Safer

More Gun Laws Will NOT Make Ohio SaferThis is State Representative Nino Vitale.As you have probably heard, governor Kasich wants to make more gun laws under the premise that it will make Ohio MORE SAFE. One of these proposals is what is called a red flag law. This law would take gun rights away from people before they are even convicted of a crime. And there’s no way to tell who controls the data base or how you get your name off of the data base should it be add.The real truth is, gun laws only serve to take rights and safety away from law abiding gun owners. Criminals don’t care about the law. So passing more laws actually makes Ohio less safe and you more vulnerable to crime.I will always stand with you and your right to protect yourself and your loved ones. As a Certified NRA Instructor and an Ohio CCW instructor, I have worked hard to protect your gun rights and keep people safe. And I will continue to do this if you vote Vitale in the upcoming election.Stay Safe. Carry on. And Vote Vitale

Posted by Rep. Nino Vitale on Thursday, November 1, 2018

More recently, U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH-04) wrote on Twitter that he opposes red-flag laws.

“The problem with red flag laws is you’re guilty until proven innocent. It’s the same inverted standard that Bob Mueller tried to apply to President Trump. But that’s not how justice works in our great country,” Jordan said.

Gov. DeWine’s full 17-point proposal to address gun violence can be found here. The first proposal on the list asks the Ohio General Assembly to support Safety Protection Orders, a formal name for red-flag laws, which was the focus of the recent survey.

You can find out where your representative stands on red-flag laws by searching the database provided by the Cincinnati Enquirer

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