‘Trump Victory’ Team Enthusiastic About Political Landscape and Ground Game in Ohio and Nationwide


The Trump campaign shared its enthusiasm for the direction and momentum of the president’s re-election efforts during a Tuesday briefing call with media. Discussions with a Senior Trump Campaign official covered political efforts nationwide but also in specific states, including Ohio.

“Trump Victory” is the name of the political arm of the Republican National Committee whose priority will be to re-elect President Donald J. Trump and to elect Republicans from local races to the national level.

The plan includes:

  • creating the most cohesive field operation ever seen in Presidential campaigns;
  • deploying state staff earlier than ever before;
  • determining rally locations;
  • building a well trained paid and volunteer staff;
  • focusing on voter registration, persuasion and a get-out-the-vote effort; and
  • gathering 2 million or more volunteers.

The goal, the official said, is to have a campaign apparatus that is one and a half times larger than 2016.

Some examples of the strength in the field, of volunteers staying engaged since the last Presidential election, include Ohio, Florida and North Carolina. “We feel very good in these states…and one of the reasons why is because our volunteers are very well trained and we’ve not left those states in terms of the infrastructure…”

Messages and themes will include the economy, where unemployment is at a 50 year low. Mentioned were the all time low numbers for Black-Americans and Latino-Americans and a 66-year low for women.

The team said the President’s base voters want to hear about his plans for the next term, but noted the Democrats, “Since the very beginning, since actually before he took the oath of office, have been plotting how to get rid of him.”

The failed Russian Hoax and the partisan impeachment process were both mentioned.

“What the Democrats are trying to do with this very partisan approach to removing a duly elected president of the United States, makes a lot of people angry out in the country…Once you get outside of Washington DC area and outside the Beltway, the rest of the country does not see things the way the DC Press Corps see them.”

According to a recent focus group of swing voters in Youngstown, as reported by The Ohio Star, Trump Victory is correct about the feelings in the heartland. When the voters, each of whom were chosen because they either voted for Romney then Clinton or Obama then Trump, were asked how they felt about impeachment, one woman responded, “I’m angry.”

Nine of the eleven focus group members agreed that impeachment was, “…a giant distraction from the things that matter to [them].”

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