Ohioans Brace for Tough Road Ahead After Toxic Train Derailment

Prominent environmentalist Erin Brockovich hosted a packed town hall meeting in East Palestine, Ohio, to give information to local residents affected by a Norfolk Southern train derailment which released toxic chemicals into the town earlier this month, the Daily Caller News Foundation observed.

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Still Recovering from the COVID Lockdowns, Toxic Train Derailment Hits Ohio Businesses

While a small Ohio town works to recover after a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed earlier this month and polluted the air and water, local shop owners are worried about the financial impact that the disaster will have on their businesses as customers appear to shy away from the market district.

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Texas, Michigan Officials Say They Weren’t Warned Before Receiving Contaminated Ohio Soil, Water

Officials in Texas and Michigan said they were not informed before their states received shipments of contaminated water and soil from East Palestine, Ohio, where a train derailed with toxic chemicals and caused a public health and environmental crisis earlier this month.

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Suspects Released on ‘Zero Dollar’ Bail Were Much More Likely to Be Rearrested, Study Finds

An updated study by the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office released earlier this month found that those released on $0 bail were 70% more likely to be rearrested than their cohorts who posted bail.

Last year, the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office conducted a study of 595 individuals released without bail in Yolo County. finding that 70% of those released without bail were rearrested. An update to that study found that not only did the majority of those released without bail get rearrested, but those released without bail were actually more likely to be rearrested than those who did post bail.

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Researchers: City-Wide Vaccine Mandates Did Nothing to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

A slew of city-wide vaccine mandates announced in 2021 across parts of the U.S. made virtually no difference in stopping the spread of COVID-19, newly released research found.

“These mandates imposed severe restrictions on the lives of many citizens and business owners,” the study, conducted through George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, says. “Yet, we find no evidence that the mandates were effective in their intended goals of reducing COVID-19 cases and deaths.”

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Ohio Republican State Senator Reynolds Introduces Bill to Preserve Student’s Religious Expression

Even though public schools in Ohio cannot close for all religious holidays, a Republican state senator says that students don’t deserve penalization for observing them and that schools should treat them as legitimate absences.

Senate Bill (SB) 49 known as the “Religious Expression Days” Act sponsored by State Senator Michele Reynolds (R-Canal Winchester) aims to require local boards of education to draft “non-exhaustive” lists of religious holidays and excuse students for up to three days each academic year.

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Commentary: Biden’s White House Is Infested with Foreigner Supremacists

To hear Joe Biden tell it, America is a dystopian hellscape uniquely cursed with unacceptable levels of injustice and bigotry. He routinely labels the purportedly cruel majority carrying out this supposed bigotry as “supremacists” who prioritize themselves over any minority group by virtue of their race, ethnicity, or gender identity. It’s a dark, cynical strategy that Biden has somehow parlayed into considerable political mileage.

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Pope Francis Criticizes ‘Conservative’ and ‘Progressive’ Wings for Politicizing Church

Pope Francis criticized attempts on both the left and the right to politicize the church in his weekly address at the Vatican Wednesday, according to remarks released by the Vatican.

Francis has been known for taking a more liberal approach to the papacy on issues of same-sex marriage, divorce and capitalism compared to his predecessor Benedict. The Pope said during his General Audience on Ash Wednesday that the church should not be run by any ideology and instead should focus on the Holy Spirit’s guidance, according to the Vatican.

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Commentary: The Ukrainian War’s Bleak Future

The Ukraine mess is daily looking more like the Spanish Civil War of 1936 to 1939, a meat grinder that took 500,000 lives. That three-year conflict became a savage proxy war and prelude for the belligerents of World War II.

The Ukraine battlefield is proving a similar laboratory of death. New lethal weaponry and tactics are introduced, modified—and always improved—from drones to guided missiles to internet-fed artillery.

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Gun Ownership on the Rise for Asian-Americans

Following several mass shootings in predominantly Asian-American communities, Asian-Americans are buying more guns than ever before.

CNN reports that the surge follows two mass shootings that received widespread media coverage, in the California communities of Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay, where Asian perpetrators carried out two separate shootings during Lunar New Year celebrations. Prior to these incidents, Asian-Americans began seeing an increase in violence against them during the 2020 race riots, with numerous viral videos of Asians being viciously attacked in the streets or on public transportation, most often by African-American culprits.

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Commentary: Yellowstone Showcases Leftist Propaganda

At the end of a long day, many of us unwind by kicking back to an entertaining television show or movie. However, because much of this media today is overt propaganda, choosing a show or movie to watch has become quite the challenge. Anything that isn’t obnoxiously propagandistic has become a welcome alternative. But this type of media can put our guard down and make it easier to accidentally uncritically accept the narrative being pushed, simply because it’s presented in a more palatable package.

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Legislation Would Block Hostile Actors from Land Purchase Near U.S. Military Bases

Legislation in Congress would block China and foreign adversaries from buying land around U.S. military installations, including six major bases in North Carolina.

U.S. Sen. Ted Budd, R-NC, is cosponsoring Protecting Military Installations and Ranges Act, which was reintroduced by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX. The legislation targets efforts by hostile actors from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea to acquire U.S. land close to U.S. military installations or areas.

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