Briley Pushes $125 Million Flood Wall in ‘Residential’ Downtown Nashville While Firefighters, Police Get Pinched on Raises

Nashville Acting Mayor David Briley has resurrected failed plans for a flood wall in downtown, wanting to spend $125 million the city does not have.

The latest big ticket item on Briley’s wish list comes days before the special mayoral election on Thursday.

Former mayors Megan Barry and Karl Dean failed to get the project approved, The Tennessean said. That is because some City Council members wanted to focus on mitigation efforts in residential areas following the 2010 flood.

Metro Water Services Director Scott Potter is trying to sell the flood wall by calling downtown another residential area, the newspaper said.

The original flood wall price tag in 2015 was $110 million. Briley has added the wall to the city’s proposed capital improvements budget, which the council will look at next month.

The City Council is not exactly rolling in cash — it is considering a proposal to raise property taxes by 50 cents as The Tennessee Star reported earlier this week.

News4 I-Team recently ran a story saying former Mayor Dean used $7.4 million in HUD disaster relief money to pay for design and engineering work for riverfront development, including Ascend Ampitheater. You can read more about that report on The Star here.

Meanwhile, Metro Police officers and Nashville firefighters want the raises they were promised to help with the cost of living, WSMV reported. They were promised three years’ worth of raises and received a round last year, but the City Council may not be able to afford raises this year. Mark Young, president of the firefighters union, told the TV station that its members cannot afford to live in Nashville.





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4 Thoughts to “Briley Pushes $125 Million Flood Wall in ‘Residential’ Downtown Nashville While Firefighters, Police Get Pinched on Raises”

  1. Steve L.

    Construction contracts to pay off campaign donors. Briley is signalling that if he wins the election, he is available for pay and play deals. Corruption in Nashville is front and center. How about the Police, Firefighters, and teachers, who all deserve raises, speak up!! Carol Swain will honor these folks who protect our children with their pay raises before spending money on more boondoggle construction shops. And, BTW, the key to making big bucks in the construction trades is to hire illegal immigrants to act as near-slave labor. See how the Democrat platform rolls together so nicely? Politicians+Government Contracts+Illegal Immigrants=Big $$$$ Disgusting.

  2. John J.

    How can anybody even consider such a ridiculous idea? Just another case of Government playing Godernment, picking winners and losers at the expense of us citizens. So if the wall is on the west side of the river, “protecting” downtown, East Nashville takes the full brunt of any flooding. The water has to go somewhere!

    I have a better idea. How about we install a long straw from the river to the Mayor’s office. Then when river starts to rise, we have them do what they do best…suck!

    1. 83ragtop50

      Best idea I have heard in a long time.

  3. Not My Acting Mayor

    I never thought I’d hear a Democrat say they want to build a wall.