OFF THE RECORD: Boyd Trying to Change His ‘Never-Trump’ History During the Campaign Cycle?

It wasn’t very long after Randy Boyd announced that he’d spend however much of his mega-millions to buy get himself elected as governor, that The Tennessee Star revealed that he was a named member of the globalist-open-borders big-business-cheap-labor lobby called the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE).

Boyd is listed as the CEO of his company Radio Systems, Corp. right there, second page, last name on the first column.

Given the PNAE’s commitment to amnesty for illegals, continued and increased refugee resettlement and pushing in-state college tuition for illegal alien students, membership in the PNAE hasn’t helped Boyd’s favorability ratings (no matter how much money he spends on TV ads), among conservative voters. Statute-violating Democrat cross-over voters maybe, but not conservatives.

After Boyd threw his name and support to PNAE, the organization teamed up with former TIRRC director David Lubell who now runs Welcoming America (started with a little Soros seed money), in a grant giveaway program called Gateways for Growth, designed to get more immigrants and refugees into embedded into U.S. towns.

It just so happens that half of the G4G grant recipients operate as sanctuary cities listed in’s report Federal Funding of America’s Sanctuary Cities – including Nashville.

So after a while, PNAE shortened its name to New American Economy (NAE). The weirdest thing happened with the name change though – it takes a little bit more effort to find out who the globalist-open-borders big-business-cheap-labor coalition members are. But when you finally get to it, a name is conspicuously missing – wanna guess?

Think The Star wouldn’t notice?!

Campaign move? Boyd’s credibility on immigration related issues is seriously in doubt. We haven’t heard that he’s taking back his quarter million bucks from uber liberal Trump hater Renata Soto. Instead, he’s doubling down on how he’s creating entrepreneurs in Tennessee. So what if they are here illegally?

Boyd, who says he “aspire[s] to be like” failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, aligned himself with “never-Trump” Romney who called Trump a “fraud” and a “phony.” During Romney’s “E2” 2016 retreat which included establishment Republican attendees like Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator John McCain (R-AZ)  and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Boyd rejected outright doing anything to support Trump’s campaign:

“The idea of putting my name on anything is anathema to me.”

So committed to working to defeat Trump, Boyd embraced Jeb Bush, serving as a Bush delegate-at-large in the primary.

Boyd chose Trump over Hillary Clinton in the general election, and is using that vote to claim his support for Trump–how politician-like of Boyd.

We haven’t heard whether Randy has renounced his membership in the PNAE/NAE but if any of The Star’s readers hear otherwise, drop us a line and let us know – [email protected]






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4 Thoughts to “OFF THE RECORD: Boyd Trying to Change His ‘Never-Trump’ History During the Campaign Cycle?”

  1. Ralph

    The article fails to mention that Boyd’s company, right from the outset, outsourced all of its manufacturing to China. As the company grew more prosperous, he then established a research and engineering center – in China. That he later was appointed Commissioner of the TNECD is a classic case of the fox watching the hen house.

  2. lb

    Herman Cain wrote a book titled ” They Think You’re Stupid”. La Raza Randy certainly seems to think Tennesseans are stupid and wont do their homework about him. He is wrong.

  3. 83ragtop50

    I find it amazing (well, actually I am not surprised) that Boyd claims to not be a politician when he has been highly involved in so many political activities. One does not have to hold a political office to be active politically. Just another lie from LaRaza Randy.

  4. Brian McMurphy

    He’s also flooding the airwaves with new ads saying he is a Trump Republican on immigration.

    Fool, please. Es una broma?