Ohio House Republicans Introduce Legislation to Update School Social Studies Standards

Two Republican Ohio House Representatives have introduced legislation to create new social studies standards through a task force of appointed state officials.

House Bill (HB) 103, sponsored by State Representatives Don Jones (R-Freeport) and Tracy Richardson (R-Marysville), tries to create the Ohio State Social Studies Task Force to craft social studies standards to replace the existing standards in Ohio.

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Ohio Bill Would Force School Curriculum, Materials to Be Posted Online for Parents

An Ohio lawmaker wants the state to follow several others across the country and have school districts post its curriculum and instruction materials online to give parents better access to what is being taught in classrooms.

The state teacher’s union, however, believes the idea creates distrust between parents and teachers, while adding to the workload of its members.

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Leadership Changes in Both House and Senate Education Committees

Changes have occurred in the leadership of both House and Senate Education Committees. Last week Speaker Larry Householder announced Rep. Don Jones (R-Freeport) as the new Chair for the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee and Rep. Susan Manchester (R- Waynesfield) as Vice Chair. In the Senate, State Senator Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) has been elevated to Vice Chair of their Education Committee.

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Bill Passed to Ensure Students’ Rights to Exercise Freedom of Religion in Public Schools

  COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio House Primary and Secondary Education Committee passed a bill reaffirming the First Amendment right of children to the free exercise of religion in public schools Wednesday. It passed 9 to 4 on a party line vote. “House Bill 164 will simply codify into Ohio…

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