Democrat Kathleen Clyde Promises to ‘Impact’ Ohio’s Elections and Redistricting Process

With so much attention on Ohio’s race for governor, and about half a dozen seats for the U.S. Senate and House up for grabs, there is one office that might easily be overlooked by voters. As The Ohio Star has previously reported, both candidates for this crucial office are 39-year-old…

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Democrat Secretary of State Nominee Kathleen Clyde Continues to Rail Against ‘Voter Purges’ in Ohio

Registering to vote was once considered an individual responsibility – part of what it means to be an American citizen doing one’s civic duty. But that’s changed. The burden now falls to the state, not individual citizens, to assure that people register and stay eligible to vote. To do anything…

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Kathleen Clyde Tells Ohio Voters She’ll Be ‘Nonpartisan’ While Admitting to Out-of-State Leftists She Will Be Anything But

Kathleen Clyde, a Democrat whose campaign for Ohio secretary of state has been largely bankrolled by out-of-state liberals like Barbra Streisand, has promised that, if elected, she will be “nonpartisan.” 2/2 We’ve seen what partisan leadership does—13 voting rights restrictions in Ohio. I’ll be a nonpartisan leader as Secretary of…

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Democrat for Ohio Secretary of State Explains Why Her Candidacy is Really All About Abortion

Kathleen Clyde, the Democrat candidate for Ohio secretary of state, believes the electoral system under which Donald Trump carried the state by 8 percentage points in 2016 was “rigged,” and she intends to make sure that won’t happen again. In an interview with the left-wing ReWire News, Clyde accuses the…

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Democrat Nominee for Ohio Secretary of State Kathleen Clyde Sought to Ban President Trump From State Ballot in 2020

Donald Trump, Kathleen Clyde

State Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent), the Democrat candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, is part of a nationwide movement seeking to keep President Donald Trump off of state ballots in the 2020 election. Clyde has maxed out on her political career in the state legislature due to term limits, but…

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Democrats Run Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State Backed By Soros-Obama-Clinton Political Machine

Secretary of State candidates

George Soros’s infamous Secretary of State Project may no longer be functioning, but it remains the worst-kept secret in Washington that the Soros-Obama-Clinton political machine is trying to get far-left activist Democrats elected to positions that oversee the elections process in key battleground states. Ohio is one of a handful…

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