Big Business Lobby Forces Ohioans to Compete For Jobs With Cheap Immigrant Labor

Frank Jackson, Gary Leitzell

The Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE), is a powerful and well-funded big-business-cheap-labor lobby led by business leaders, former politicians, and chambers of commerce. Renamed to the shortened New American Economy (NAE), the coalition continues its advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform by highlighting the work ethic and perceived business…

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Off the Record: Randy Boyd’s Globalist Jobs Philosophy: Export Manufacturing – Import Refugees and Cheap Labor

Randy Boyd

One of Randy Boyd’s latest radio ads has him recounting all the lessons he learned about hard work when he started working at a very young age in his father’s factory for $1.00 per hour and then how he later paid his way through college working tirelessly at an injection molding…

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Tyson Foods Tied to Same Big-Business-Cheap-Labor Lobby Favored by Boyd, Dean, and Bredesen

Boyd Dean and Bredesen

The Partnership for a New American Economy (renamed to New American Economy (NAE)), views giant commercial operations like Tyson Foods as connective tissue between NAE’s drive to increase cheap labor pools through immigration and the revival of economically depressed rural communities: Sturms found that when towns embraced immigrants, dying communities were…

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OFF THE RECORD: Boyd Trying to Change His ‘Never-Trump’ History During the Campaign Cycle?

It wasn’t very long after Randy Boyd announced that he’d spend however much of his mega-millions to buy get himself elected as governor, that The Tennessee Star revealed that he was a named member of the globalist-open-borders big-business-cheap-labor lobby called the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE). Boyd is listed as the CEO…

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Randy Boyd Is Silent As Far Left and Big Business Interests Push Gov. Haslam to Veto Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

Randy Boyd and Bill Haslam

The anti-sanctuary city legislation sponsored by State Sen. Mark Green (R-Clarksville) and State Rep. Jay Reedy (R-Erin) and passed overwhelmingly by the Tennessee General Assembly has been signed by Speaker of the House Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) and on Thursday was formally transmitted to…

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GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Boyd and Lee Tied to Organizations That Say Let Illegal Immigrants Stay

Boyd and Lee

Opponents of  sanctuary city policies understand that these measures which shield criminal illegal aliens increase the risks to public safety. All GOP gubernatorial candidates eventually issued statements opposing sanctuary city policies. What is not addressed, however, in the debate over sanctuary city policies, is the negative impact from illegal immigration…

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