Report: Nike Has Not Paid Federal Income Taxes Since 2018

Nike Store

A new report reveals that Nike is one of over two dozen corporations that have not paid any federal income taxes since 2018, as reported by Breitbart.

The report comes from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, which shows that at least 55 of the biggest companies in America did not pay any federal income taxes in the year 2020. Of those 55, 26 have not paid this tax since 2018. This means that a collective total of approximately $8.5 billion was not paid last year, with the 55 companies instead receiving approximately $40.5 billion in pre-tax income.

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Yet Another Ohio Democrat, Allison Russo, Wants to Raise Income Taxes

Like Mary Lightbody, who we introduced to you last month, Ohio House Democrat candidate Allison Russo wants to raise taxes on Ohioans.  And like Lightbody, Allison Russo recently let slip in a public forum that she likely wants to raise state income taxes, especially income taxes on small businesses. Russo,…

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