Ohio Debate Commission Will Not Hold Any Debates for the Midterm Elections as Candidates Decline to Participate

The Ohio Debate Commission (ODC) intended to hold debates for the U.S. Senate, Governor, and Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court prior to the November 8th midterm election.

However, the candidates have declined to participate resulting in the cancellation of these planned debates.

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Commentary: Democrats Are Afraid to Debate GOP Opponents

Americans have long since come to expect debates between candidates for major public office. For many voters, these encounters provide the only opportunity to see how competing candidates comport themselves in a venue that is nominally beyond their control. In close contests, these debates can sometimes be crucial to the final outcome. Yet, as the November midterms rapidly approach, many Democrats have been extremely reluctant to meet their Republican opponents face-to-face on a debate stage. Indeed, in several high-profile contests, they have flatly refused to do so.

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Democrats Duck Debates with Pro-Trump Opponents Scorned as ‘Weak’ General Election Candidates

In races scattered across the country, Democratic candidates are shying away from debates with Trump-aligned opponents — party nominees who have been widely dismissed by media and political elites as weak general election candidates devoid of crossover appeal.

Reuters, for example, opined in late July: “Republican voters’ embrace of fringe and divisive candidates is jeopardizing the party’s goal of taking control of the U.S. Senate in November’s midterm elections, as well as winning key governors’ races.”

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Trump: If My Base Turns out to Vote for Youngkin, He Will Win Virginia Gubernatorial Race

Donald Trump sitting at desk

Former President Trump said in an interview on Saturday that Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin will win if his base turns out to vote.

“I think he’s gonna do very well,” Trump said of Youngkin on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine”.

Trump compared former Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s comment in a debate with Youngkin, saying parents shouldn’t tell schools what to teach their children, to Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment of Trump supporters during the 2016 presidential race.

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Warnock Would Be ‘Rubber Stamp’ for Democratic Agendas Including Packing Supreme Court, Senator Loeffler’s Campaign Says

Raphael Warnock would be a “rubber stamp” for radical Democratic agendas that include packing the Supreme Court, the campaign for U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) said.

Loeffler’s campaign on Monday rapped Warnock for repeatedly deflecting questions on the topic.

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Raphael Warnock Refused to Say if He Supports Expanding the Supreme Court During Georgia Senate Debate

by Chuck Ross   Democratic senate candidate Raphael Warnock refused to say during a debate Sunday whether he supports “court packing,” or adding seats to the Supreme Court. “As I move all across the state … people aren’t asking me about the courts and whether we should expand the courts,”…

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Final Georgia Senate Debate Canceled After Perdue Drops Out

A final debate between Republican Sen. David Perdue of Georgia and Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff has been canceled after Perdue dropped out, saying he would attend a campaign rally with President Donald Trump instead.

The cancellation was announced Thursday night, a day after Perdue and Ossoff met for a bitter second debate in Savannah in which Ossoff slammed Perdue as a “crook” who downplayed the coronavirus pandemic. Perdue, who is seeking a second term, denied the accusation.

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Trump, Biden Debate Marked by Clashes, but Less Chaos

After the first presidential debate was panned so widely that organizers introduced a mute button, Thursday’s second and final debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden was far more civil.

Whether because of that button or the terrible reviews — especially for Trump — the two interrupted each other far less frequently, even as they clashed on issues ranging from the coronavirus to crime.

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Commentary: Pence Can Win this Debate by Letting Ohio Know about Harris’ Record of Radicalism

Vice President Mike Pence has a relatively straightforward job to do: help the American people understand the true nature of Senator Kamala Harris.

As the two meet on the debate stage in Salt Lake City, Harris is still introducing herself to a large portion of the electorate. The Biden campaign no doubt prefers it that way, because the Democratic vice presidential hopeful’s California-centric career offers relatively little that would appeal to most Americans in the Heartland.

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Trump’s Campaign Manager Says Debates Should Happen Before Early Voting Begins: ‘We Want Them Sooner’

President Donald Trump’s campaign manager called Monday for more presidential debates, saying that they should begin earlier than planned.

During an interview with “Fox & Friends” Monday morning, Bill Stepien said that the current debate schedule, which is set to begin Sept. 29, will prevent voters in early-voting states from seeing the two candidates go head-to-head before casting their ballots.

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Sanders, Biden to Debate Without Studio Audience

The last two major U.S. Democratic presidential candidates – former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders – are debating Sunday night in a world turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic, seated in a Washington television studio without any people attending it. 

The two long-time politicians will be trading their thoughts – and likely more than a few barbs at each other – over two hours.  

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Commentary: Democrats and the Narcissism of Small Differences

Eventually, I am going to get around to saying something about CNN’s hostility to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) – evidenced, most recently, by its energetic exertions on behalf of the campaign to elect Elizabeth Warren at last Tuesday’s Democratic debate. And I’ll say something, too, about the delicious exhibition of angst-filled hand-wringing that said hostility occasioned in many precincts of the leftwing media.

First, however, since CNN apparently undertook its cheerleading for Warren in order to declare its feminist bona fides, I would like to pose a few questions as a sort of prolegomenon, what Kierkegaard, in another context, called a “preliminary expectoration.” 1) Why are feminists so unpleasant? 2) Why do they insist on whining instead of getting on with the task at hand? 3) Why do they tend to blame other people for their failures?

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Trump Campaign Flew Aerial Anti-Socialism Banner in Ohio Skies Ahead of Dem Debate

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign employed aerial advertising across the city of Westerville, Ohio ahead of Tuesday night’s Democratic debate at Otterbein University.

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Ken Blackwell Commentary: President Trump’s Rally in Cincinnati Will Be the Perfect Tonic After the Democratic Debates

The Democrat presidential candidates spent two full nights bickering on the debate stage over how best to dismantle the Trump economy and usher in a new era of social upheaval. President Trump, however, will only need one night to dismantle their deceitful claims and outline his plans for keeping the current economic boom going.

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Pureval Calls for New Laws Forcing Ohioans to Be More ‘Welcoming’ of Diverse Communities

In a brief debate exchange mostly ignored by the Ohio media, Aftab Pureval went on record Tuesday night in favor of new laws, at the “federal, state and local levels,” that would force Ohioans to be more “welcoming and inclusive.” Ohio communities should should pass laws requiring citizens to “celebrate”…

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Steve Chabot at Debate: ‘I’m a Work Horse Kind of Guy…He’s a Show Horse’

Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH-1) and his Democrat opponent, Aftab Pureval, went at each other fast and furious in Cincinnati Wednesday night in a no-holds-barred slug fest that made the first debate look like a picnic in the park. Judging by the tone of the debate, hosted by WCPO Channel 9,…

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Aftab Pureval Claims to Have Run ‘Positive’ Campaign But Steve Chabot Calls Him Out

Democrat Aftab Pureval said in his first congressional debate Tuesday night that he’s “run a positive, optimistic campaign.” “Unfortunately my opponent disagrees; he’s committed to a campaign of smears and outright lies,” Pureval said of his opponent, incumbent Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH-1). “We have to ask ourselves why?” But that…

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Sherrod Brown Fled the Building after U.S. Senate Debate, Jim Renacci Stayed to Answer Questions from Reporters

After last night’s U.S. Senate debate in Cleveland, both candidates were given the opportunity to answer media questions and to expand on or clarify any issues that came up during the debate. Jim Renacci stood and answered questions from reporters for an additional 12 minutes. Sherrod Brown fled the building, refusing to…

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Jim Renacci’s Debate Zinger: ‘Sen. Brown Votes for Whatever Chuck Schumer Tells Him To’

U.S. Senate candidates Jim Renacci and Sherrod Brown squared off in their first debate Sunday night, a one-hour event in which Renacci cast his opponent as “too in love with Washington and Chuck Schumer” to represent the people of Ohio. After 25 years in Washington, Renacci said Brown had lost touch…

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Senate Candidates Jim Renacci, Sherrod Brown Agree to Three Debates in October

Sherrod Brown, Jim Renacci

U.S. Senate candidates Jim Renacci and Sherrod Brown have agreed to participate in three debates in October. The first will be hosted at the Idea Center in Cleveland and sponsored by the Ohio Debate Commission on Sunday, Oct. 14, at 6 p.m. The second debate will be moderated by NBC 4 in…

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DeWine Campaign to Host Watch Parties for Tonight’s Gubernatorial Debate

Richard Cordray, Mike DeWine

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine will be at Marietta College in Columbus for the second gubernatorial debate with Richard Cordray on Monday from 7 to 8 p.m. And for those who wish to watch the debate among friends, the DeWine campaign has organized a series of watch parties. The first…

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Senate Candidates Renacci, Brown Agree to Debate October 14

Sherrod Brown, Jim Renacci

U.S. Senate candidates Jim Renacci and Sherrod Brown have agreed to participate in a debate hosted by the Ohio Debate Commission on Sunday, Oct. 14, at 6 p.m. The debate will take place at the Idea Center in Cleveland. This will be the first of at least three debates between…

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OFF THE RECORD: Randy Boyd Skips Knoxville Debate . . . For ‘Pricey Steakhouse Dinner’?

Randy Boyd

Randy Boyd set off a chain reaction when he cancelled Sunday night’s GOP gubernatorial candidate primary debate in Knoxville. Now, one reporter says the cancellation was due to a “pricey steakhouse dinner,” as first reported at TNJ: On the Hill. Boyd had cited an unspecified scheduling conflict as his reason…

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Steve Gill: GOP Gubernatorial Primary Debate Cancellation May Be Due To Perceived Lack of Effectiveness

Steve Gill

A top political analyst says he is not surprised that three of the candidates running in the Tennessee Republican gubernatorial primary dropped out of the last statewide televised debate scheduled for this weekend in Knoxville. The cancellation comes after Randy Boyd, Beth Harwell and Diane Black dropped out, WKRN said. “My…

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